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Development Applications (DAs) are a formal request for permission to carry out a proposed development, including building, subdividing, change of land use, landscaping or other works.

Most development applications and certificates must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal.

Some applications still need to be lodged with Council, such as planning and rates certificates.

It is important to know how to submit a DA properly so you can get Council approval. Read more about home renovations and whether you need approval.

How to prepare a DA for lodging

Refer to the Development Application Preparation Guide(PDF, 2MB) for more details.

What to lodge through the NSW Planning Portal

Development Application (DA)

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  • Building Information Certificate
  • Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  • Construction Certificate (CC)
  • Occupation Certificate (OC)
  • Strata Subdivision Certificate
  • Subdivision Certificate (SC)
  • Subdivision Works Certificate

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Accredited Certifiers

  • Private (accredited) Certifiers to upload certificates for registration and archiving.

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What to lodge through Council

Property Certificates

  • Section 10.7 Planning Certificate
  • 603 Rates certificate
  • 121ZP & 735A outstanding notices certificates

Lodge with Council