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Customers wanting to connect or disconnect from the town's water supply will need to fill in the Application for Water Service Connection/Disconnection (343kB PDF) form and send it to Council or lodge it at one of our customer contact centres. All relevant fees must be paid before the water service will be connected/disconnected.

Council may need to provide a quote for connections or disconnections involving large and/or complex meters.


Disconnection of the water supply may be required if a property is to be redeveloped and/or existing dwellings are to be demolished or removed. If a property where the water service has been disconnected changes ownership, it will not be reinstated until the new owner applies for a new connection.

If Council agrees that there is no existing or future need for the use of public water supply on the property, the water service shall be disconnected.

Properties that are disconnected and are within the rateable area for water will continue to attract the annual water access charge. Council may waive the disconnection fee if it finds that any future connection would be undesirable. See My Water and Wastewater.

Council may determine to abandon a water main and disconnect properties. In this case Council will consult with affected property owners and gain consensus from 70 per cent of the owners before undertaking these disconnections. No disconnection fees will apply to these connections and annual water access charges will be removed if applicable.

All disconnections are made at the water main. The water meter is removed and the service line abandoned.


Most properties will have a single water connection and water meter.

Property owners can apply for a second water connection, if the property is rural, commercial or industrial and if they can demonstrate a clear need for more than one meter. Properties with a second water connection will incur a special second meter annual charge (see Fees and Charges ). The account-holder will receive a single water bill covering both meters.


All water connections must meet Council's Standard Drawings and Specifications.
If the new connection is within the existing water supply rated area, the following guide should be used:
  • If the proposed water connection is within 20 metres of Council’s water main, the standard fees apply (see Fees and Charges ).
  • If the proposed water connection is more than 20 metres from Council's water main, an additional fee applies for each metre over 20 metres. Site factors and the service size will be considered by Council when quoting on additional fees.
  • Connections are not allowed on the trunk main supply.
  • All connection fees must be paid before the connection is installed.
  • A water meter must be installed before any on-site activity begins which requires water.
  • Council will not be liable for any problems due to undersized services. It is the applicant’s responsibility to choose the most appropriate water service and metre for their property. The customer is responsible for completing hydraulic investigations to assist in determining the correct size requirements.
  • If the applicant is the owner of the property and has been paying water rates for at least 5 years, they may be eligible for a reduction in the cost of extending and/or installing the water service.
  • If Council believes that connection to the water supply is not practical or equitable, Council may refuse the application.

If the property is outside a current water supply rated area:

  • Properties can only connect to the water supply following an extension to the water main.
  • If extension of the water main is requested by the applicant, then the applicant will pay the full cost of the extension.
  • Before Council is able to proceed with extending the supply area, at least 70 per cent of adjoining owners must make a commitment to apply for water services once supply is available.
  • For existing properties that have not previously been connected to the water supply and have not been subject to water rates, a capital contribution towards the availability of water supply will be required. These capital charges (also known as headworks charges) must be paid for each property as per Council's Fees and Charges. Payment of capital contributions must be received with the application for water connection.

Types of Water Connections

Temporary Connections
Large Connections (Non-Domestic)
Duplexes / Triplexes and Units
Piggyback Connections
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