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Level 2 Water Restrictions in place. Tyalgum remains on Level 4. Save water now
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Save water now - If not you, then who?

Level 2 water restrictions are in place from Friday 13 December

Level 4 water restrictions have been in place for Tyalgum since 24 November

Restrictions for residents

Restrictions for businesses

Residential water use

Current: 197L

Target: 144L

Litres per person per day

Ways to save water

Every drop counts

  • Council has announced Level 2 water restrictions to encourage immediate behaviour change in the community.
  • Rainfall for the calendar year to 16 December 2019 is currently the lowest on record at just 655mm for Murwillumbah, compared to 1902 with 742mm since records commenced in 1881.
  • Clarrie Hall Dam is dropping by nearly 2% a week, much faster than expected.
  • We’ve had very few spring storms and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts below average rainfall for the remainder of 2019 and early 2020 for the Northern Rivers region.

Top 5 ways to save water

Save water now - Here's 5 ways how

Save water now - Here's 5 ways how (57kB PDF)

  • Try not to use any water outdoors.
  • Check for leaks and dripping taps and fix them. Note leaks in pipes may be difficult to locate, learn how to read your meter to check if your water usage is increasing without explanation.
  • If you have a rainwater tank top up system, make sure it is working properly and the tank is not filling up continually with town water. Having a rainwater tank does not exempt you from water restrictions.
  • Cut your shower time to 4 minutes.
  • For a family, do 3 loads less of washing a week by making sure loads are full.

Frequently asked questions and useful resources

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