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This section outlines the Tweed land use planning framework and includes adopted strategic plans, Local Environmental Plans (LEPs), Development Control Plans (DCPs), Section 7.11 (formerly Section 94) Plans, S64 Plans, Voluntary Planning Agreements and other current policies guidelines and fact sheets.

Council regularly reviews and updates plans and policies. For information on strategies, plans and policies currently being developed or under review see forward planning.

Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020

Council’s first Local Strategic Planning Statement (PDF) (‘the Statement’) was adopted by Council on 4th June 2020, setting out the 20-year vision for land use in the Tweed. The Statement describes the special characteristics that contribute to the Tweed’s local identity, the shared values the community want to maintain and enhance, and how future growth and change will be managed.

The Statement sets clear planning priorities required to support our community’s social, environmental and economic land-use needs into the future, including where these are best located and when they will be delivered. To meet the community’s future vision, it also outlines short, medium and long term actions to deliver on these priorities.

The Statement is part of Council’s commitment to manage our future so the Tweed grows in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way and brings together and builds on the Tweed Community Strategic Plan and Council’s current land-use plans, strategies and policies. It describes how the directions and actions in the North Coast Regional Plan and other state-wide and regional policies will be implemented locally.

Forward Planning

The Tweed strategic land use planning framework operates within the wider State Planning System. Local planning is informed by and must be consistent with the State planning objectives.

Strategic forward planning is the process of assessment and identification of future land uses. It is the process of planning for the future development of the Shire to accommodate forecast growth demand for housing, jobs and the location and demand of services to meet that growth. It is a process of balancing the competing needs for expansion of urban land and services with protection of sensitive environments, ensuring recreational and community needs and promoting sustainable business and employment for the Shire.

For information on strategies, plans and policies currently being developed or under review see forward planning.

The following are adopted forward plans. Please click on the headings to view the desired information...

Tweed Urban and Employment Lands Release Strategy 2009
Retail Policy
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Tweed River Estuary Bank Management Plan 2000
Vegetation Management Strategy
Tweed Coast Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management
Helipads and Heliports Design and Assessment Guide

Statutory Plans

Tweed Shire has three Local Environmental Plans: the Tweed City Centre LEP 2012, applying to the Tweed Heads CBD area; the Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014; and the Tweed LEP 2000, which will continue to apply to the remainder of the Shire which has been deferred form the LEP 2014.

Please see the LEP extents map to find out where each LEP applies.

Council is currently considering a number of Planning Proposals, which may result in amendment to the LEPs.

Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014
Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2000
Tweed City Centre Local Environmental Plan 2012
Tweed Development Control Plan 2008
Section 64 Developer Charges
S7.11 (formerly S94) Developer Contributions

Policies and Guidelines

The following documents sit parallel to the LEP and DCP in Tweed Council’s assessment of new developments:

Dewatering in the Tweed Guideline

Planning Agreements Register

Planning agreements outline commitments made in association with development and are regulated by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act Section 7.4.

The Planning Agreements are listed below:

1 Ozone Street Planning Agreement
Altitude Aspire Planning Agreement
Seaside City Planning Agreement
Pottsville Employment Lands Planning Agreement
Mooball Village Planning Agreement
River Retreat Caravan Park Planning Agreement
74-76 Pearl Street Planning Agreement
77 Mahers Lane, Terranora
3-6 Trutes Terrace, Terranora

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