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Local residents of the Tweed, who currently keep their cats at home, have shared their stories about how they do it.

Be charmed by Bad Boy Leroy, see what Eric, Reggie and Georgie get up to, check out Felix the mad soccer player and all the beaut cats starring in Cat Tales.

Love Cats Love Wildlife is a three year project, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, to promote cat welfare and the protection of our natural environment. The project works with cat owners to better understand their needs and to provide more information about the benefits of keeping cats safely at home.

Cat Tales 1 - Maddy and Bruno - by Jan

'We made the decision to keep our cats at home after one cat was attacked by a feral cat and then bitten by a snake.' Jan -

Cat Tales 2 - Eric, Reggie and Georgie - by Fran and Tim

'We keep our 3 cats inside because then we know they are safe and we always know where they are. There’s so many things out there just waiting for them: dogs, cars and snakes.' Fran -

Cat Tales 3 - Bad Boy Leroy - by Cheryl and Bruce

'Cats that roam can be a costly exercise for cat owners.' Cheryl -

Cat Tales 4 - Earl - an interview with Jo

‘Earl definitely feels safe, loved and content being an indoor cat.’ Jo -

Cat Tales 5 - Ninja the warrior - an interview with Loraine and Raymond

‘Our cat is an indoor campervan cat. She loves travelling and she is safe indoors.' Loraine -

Cat Tales 6 - Ebony and Taffy - by Keira

‘There’s more benefits keeping your cat in than letting it out.' Keira -

Cat Tales 7 - Oscar - by Jenny & Stella & Co.

‘We don’t have to get the expensive vaccine for feline HIV as he’s not outside fighting other cats.' Jenny & Stella & Co. -

Cat Tales 8 - Frankie, Purnee, Koume, Truffles, Pika and Crackle - by Carolyn

‘With an indoor cat you have peace of mind... you know where they are all the time. They bring you a lot of joy and pleasure …' Carolyn -

Cat Tales 9 - Bobby and Boots - an interview with Henriette

‘We keep our cats inside at home. We have enclosed a part of our veranda for Bobby and Boots to be safe outside …' Henriette -

Cat Tales 10 - Felix - by Lyn and Ray

‘We keep Felix inside as he will be safe from injury with no temptation to hunt or injure birds or other animals' Ray -
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