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When buying a property a person should initially seek legal advice from a solicitor/conveyancer who will give you detailed information to protect your interests including specific requirements of the Conveyancing Act.

Information about a specific property can be sought from Council on request and payment of the relevant fee. The request for information is usually applied for by the owner or someone with the written consent of the owner or by the Solicitor.

Common information requests received by Council are:
  • Planning certificate (S10.7(2) - formerly S149)
  • Dwelling Entitlement search
  • Information relating to prior development consents issued over the land
  • Drainage Diagram (sewer main location)
  • Building Information Certificate (S6.26) (formerly Building Certificate (149A))
  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate
  • Outstanding Health or Building notices
  • Onsite Sewage Management Inspection and Pre-Purchase report
  • Copy of approved plans
  • Copy of an Occupation Certificate
  • Development Consent Search
  • Outstanding Rates and Water Charges (S603 Certificate)
A request for any of the above can be made using the information shown below. Fees required are identified on the respective application forms.

Please click on the headings below to view further information...

What is a S10.7 Planning Certificate?
What is Dwelling Entitlement Search?
What is a request for information relating to prior development consents issued over the land?
What is a Drainage Diagram (sewer main location)?
What is a Building Information Certificate (S6.26)?
What is a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate?
What is an Outstanding Health or Building Notices?
What is an on-site sewage management inspection and pre-purchase report?
What is request for a copy of approved plans?
What is a copy of an Occupation Certificate?
What is a Developent Consent Search?
Section 603 certificate – outstanding rates & water charges

Frequently Asked Questions

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