Bulk water



A standpipe is used to dispense water directly from water hydrants or extraction points throughout the Tweed.

They are used by Council water trucks, water tankering businesses and other external customers for activities such as:

  • construction
  • concrete sawing
  • dust suppression
  • water carting

A standpipe is a free-standing pipe with a tap, which is installed outdoors or on water tankers. Council-approved standpipes are fitted with a meter for measuring the amount of water extracted from the water supply.

Standpipe hire

Council has 2 different sized standpipes available for hire, 25mm and 65mm.

Conditions of hire:

  1. Non-refundable standpipe hire fees(PDF, 36KB) apply.
  2. Standpipe users are charged per kilolitre (1000 litres) of water discharged through the standpipe at the prescribed rate. 
  3. Water must only be extracted from Tweed Shire Council’s nominated water supply extraction points. Details of these points will be provided to the applicant.
  4. Standpipe users must provide meter readings on a monthly basis to Council.
  5. Council’s metered standpipes are read and inspected by a Council Officer on an annual basis. Council will inform users of the date, time and location of inspections.
  6. Failure to submit a standpipe for inspection or any misuse of water is an offence and Council will consider penalising the user.
  7. Users are reminded when extracting water to slowly open and close the standpipe to protect Council water mains.

To hire a standpipe, complete the application form(PDF, 240KB)

Pool filling

Pool contractors often require pools to be filled on the day they are installed. To assist, Council has standpipes available with 120m of lay-flat hose, including tapping of hydrant and supply of up to 50kL of water. Residents may choose to use their internal service line to fill the pool.

The hire rate is set out in Council’s fees and payments.

Water tankering

Water tankering businesses are subject to the same conditions as other standpipe users. They must also take additional steps to ensure drinking water is not contaminated and public health is not put at risk.

Water tankerers must comply with the NSW Guidelines for Water Carters (2012), the Public Health Act 2010 and other relevant legislation.

Applications for water tankering must complete the Application for Metered Standpipe Hire and/or Bulk Water Sales form(PDF, 240KB). Vehicles must also be registered to tanker water from Tweed Shire Council's water supply system.

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