Bushfire risk property reports

To locate your property and get a bushfire risk report use our bushfire risk mapping tool.

Bushfire at Clothiers Creek

What is in a bushfire risk property report?

Your property report tells you what bushfire risks are relevant to your property. Each report details what bushfire risks are relevant to the property. 

By having a property report, householders are able to:

  • Make informed decisions on how to best prepare their property
  • Plan the actions they will take to stay safe in the event of a bushfire
  • Inform others about the importance of knowing bushfire risks and learning to mitigate them.

Why was this tool developed?

The bushfire risk mapping tool was developed to help households better understand how to identify and manage bushfire risks around their property.

It was created using a CSIRO open-source web framework that allows important data mapping all over Australia.

The tool was created as part of a much wider Bushfire Resilience Project.

For information on how to plan and prepare for bushfires, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service.