Wild dogs

The term 'wild dog' refers to free-living dogs of domestic origins, as well as dingoes and domestic dog/dingo hybrids.

Wild dogs are social animals and live in small packs that are mostly active from dawn to dusk.

Wild dogs can hunt successfully alone or in packs, depending on the type of prey.

Wild dogs are top-order predators and hunt both native and introduced animals.

Stay away from wild dogs

  • Never approach, entice or feed wild dogs.
  • If you're approached by wild dogs - stop, fold your arms and back away slowly.
  • In the unlikely event you're attacked by a wild dog, be as aggressive and loud as you can - use a stick to ward it off.

Report wild dog sightings

Report sightings of wild dogs on Council managed land by calling 02 6670 2400.

Please provide the location, size, colour and type of dog (if known).

If you have wild dogs on your property and would like help controlling them, call NSW Local Land Services on 02 6623 3900.