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15 March 2023

Changes made to rules governing political signage

Council officers to monitor compliance of electoral material ahead of State poll

Election sign generic
Candidates and their supporters are reminded to comply with electoral material guidelines.

New legislation allowing for an increase in the size of electoral signage has been announced ahead of the upcoming NSW State Government election.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment recently announced electoral signage in rural zones would be allowed to increase to 3.75 sqm in size.

The permitted size in all other areas remains at 0.8 sqm, excluding banner signs that contain a continuous row of standard-sized signs.

The new rules for election signage sizes follows other recent changes which allow for the display format of election signage to be a poster, banner, placard or the like. Previously it was limited to posters only.

Candidates and their supporters are reminded they must comply with State and Council regulations when erecting political signage ahead of the poll, due to be held on Saturday 25 March 2023.

Council officers will continue to monitor the Shire to ensure all posters and signage containing electoral material complies with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 Division 2, Subdivision 13 - Election signs.

No signs are allowed to be displayed on Council's road reserves, either free-standing pole signs or those affixed to trees or street furniture. Signage is also not allowed to be displayed on a trailer parked on a road or road-related areas.

All unauthorised signs will be removed by Council officers.

Election signs can be affixed to private telegraph poles, however the owner needs to be certain the pole is not owned by an electricity provider as legal action has occurred elsewhere in NSW. All signage connected to power poles will be reported to Essential Energy for their attention and action.

Signs can be attached to the walls of houses or commercial buildings, as long as they adhere to size limitations in State regulations and are not attached to heritage or draft heritage items.

Any signs that do not comply with the above rules may be removed by Council officers and will attract a Council fee for retrieval. Any signs remaining one week after the election (1 April 2023) will also be removed.


Photo 1: Election sign generic
Caption: Candidates and their supporters are reminded to comply with electoral material guidelines.

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