Your recycled E-waste is having a positive impact!

18 January 2023

E waste general image.jpg

If you did not know already, E-waste or electronic waste is unwanted electronic equipment such as printers, computers, TVs and mobile phones that have reached the end of their life.  

As a Tweed resident you can drop E-waste off free, all year round at the Community Recycling Centre at Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre.  

Last year, our community dropped off 35,837 kilograms of E-waste to the centre which was then recycled and used to create a range of other products.  

How recycling your E-waste helps us towards our target of zero waste  

By recycling your E-waste, you keep it out of landfill and out of your red bin.  

Keeping our recyclable goods out of landfill means we are reducing our environmental impact and ensuring we can pass it on to our next generation. 

Keeping E-waste out of landfill meant that last year we: 

  • Saved 48, 667 kg CO2. This is the equivalent of planting 717 trees 

  • Saved 597,367 mj of energy or the equivalent of 1,756 days of household electricity use 

  • Saved 93 m3 eq. of water equivalent or 185 days of household water use 

  • Saved 85,077g of particulate matter, or the equivalent of removing 85,830km of old diesel truck travel. 

We thank the community for helping us achieve this – it is just one way we are working together to reduce our impact on the natural environment – and our target towards zero waste!

About our zero-waste target 

Our community told us that the environment matters to them, as does building a sustainable future. With this mind, Council developed an action plan.  

Our aim is to ensure that across the Tweed nothing is left in landfill that does not need to be – and that we recover and recycle as much as possible. Together we want to work towards a future of zero waste by 2040. 

Find out more information on how you can do your bit to reduce what goes to landfill in the Tweed.