Why we are ditching balloons in the Tweed

20 December 2022

balloon ban

Soon, balloons will be banned in parks and gardens across the region. Our community has told us that our natural environment matters, so this is just one small way we can protect it for years to come.

What’s happening

As of 1 January 2023, balloons will be banned on Council-owned property, that is any park or garden, or building. The balloon ban extends to foil helium balloons too.

This is not part of the NSW Government ban on single-use plastics, but it is part of a wider community push to lessen our impact on our surrounding natural environment, where possible.

This ban does not extend to events on privately owned land, e.g.: a party at your home.

Why have only balloons been banned?

Put simply, balloons harm wildlife and our local environment.

According to a CSIRO study, balloon debris is one of the worst threats to marine wildlife, along with plastic bags and bottles.

Animals can often mistake balloon debris for food, and when ingested, balloon waste can kill them or seriously harm them.

Seabirds can choke on the small plastic discs that often hold balloons together. Marine life is found tangled in balloon string that’s been left behind.

According to the NSW EPA, studies have shown that of all plastics, balloons are the most dangerous to animals in coastal areas.

There are lots of other things ruining the environment. Why not ban them too?

Yes, there is certainly more to be done. We see this as a small step we can all make to work together in reducing our impact on our natural environment.

What can I use instead of balloons?

Council understands that many people use balloons to celebrate important milestones and events, so we’ve made a list of some alternatives for you.


Bunting is triangular material threaded together to create a chain. It can be made using paper or material. Most bunting can be reused too!

Paper chain or garland

Make a reusable paper chain by looping pieces of paper together. These can be hung around your event and can be as colourful as you like!


Flowers in vases around your event can add a nice touch!


Nothing says a party like some good music. As long as it’s not too loud for anyone else, play some music and have yourself a great time.