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Existing Developments
Application Form:Application for Approval of Plumbing and Drainage Work on Private Land
Note:This form is to be used for:
- vacant lot in approved subdivision where there is an existing sewer junction
- re-connection of a previous sewer disconnection in the same location
No Existing Sewer Junction
Application Form:Application for Alter Council's Water or Sewer Infrastructure
Note:This form is to be used for:
- new subdivision
- where there has never been a sewer connection before
Sewage Ejection Pump Stations
Application Form:Application for Sewage Ejection Pump Station
Note:This form is to be used for:
- approved areas of the Tweed Shire where the customers property boundary is located within 75 metres of Council's sewer but due to topographical reasons, the sewage can't gravitate from the property to Council's sewer.

Connection Guidelines

  • Council will advise you whether the new connection can go ahead. This will depend on a number of factors, including the proximity of the property to Council's sewer and whether or not the property is rated for sewer
  • A plumber may only connect to the wastewater junction point after the development and building applications have been approved and the property is rated for sewer.
  • Section 64 Developer Charges may apply when connecting to Council's Sewer Infrastructure and must be paid before connection is permitted. Council will advise if this is applicable for your property.
  • All wastewater connections must be installed according to Council's Standard Drawings and specifications.
  • In accordance with plumbing standards, adequate drainage must be considered when determining the floor level relative to the sewer connection point.


Disconnection of the wastewater service may be required if a property is to be redeveloped and/or existing dwellings are to be demolished or removed.

Permanent Sewer Junction Disconnection
Application Form:Application for a Permanent Sewer Junction Disconnection
Note:Council will provide you with a quotation for the work. Permanent sewer junction disconnections are carried out by Council.
Temporary Sewer Junction Disconnection
Application Form:Application for Approval of Plumbing and Drainage Work on Private Land
Note:Temporary sewer disconnections can be carried out by a Qualified Licensed Plumber once approval from Council is received.

How to locate sewer infrastructure
How to request a new wastewater junction
Sewer Ejection Pump Stations
Council is not responsible for unblocking house drains

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Property Owner, what are my responsibilities relating to wastewater systems?

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