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Level 2 Water Restrictions in place for the Tweed from Friday 13 December. Level 4 restrictions already in place for Tyalgum. Save water now
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Recycled water is wastewater from homes and businesses which has been treated to remove contaminants, producing water of a quality suitable for use without undue risk to the community.

Appropriately treated recycled water is able to be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Irrigating agricultural crops, parks, gardens, golf courses - by safely irrigating recycled water, sustainable development can be achieved while conserving our high quality water supplies. Being able to access alternative safe water sources is particularly critical in times of drought. Furthermore, substances that can be pollutants when discharged to waterways (ie nitrogen and phosphorus) can be beneficially reused for irrigation.
  • On industrial sites for dust control
  • For industrial cooling purposes
  • Domestic non-potable use such as toilet flushing, laundries and gardens

Recycled Water Water recycling is becoming a critical element for managing our water resources. Tweed Shire Council has been recycling water since the 1980s, and over the last decade has increased the amount of water recycled throughout the Shire. Currently about six per cent of treated wastewater in the Tweed is reused, which is in line with the Australian average of about 5 - 7 per cent. Maximising the use of recycled water (treated effluent) is a key action in Council's Integrated Water Cycle Management and Demand Management strategies.


Greywater is the wastewater generated from your washing machine, shower, bath and basins. If used safely, it can be used for watering lawns and gardens. There are three ways that you can use grey water in your own home:

  • Manual bucketing - collecting water from either the washing machine or the shower in a bucket for reuse outside on gardens or lawns. Exercise caution though as untreated water from a bath shower and washing machine may contain bacteria, detergents, cleaning agents and waste material which may not be suitable for garden use.
  • Grey water diversion devices (GDDs) - involves the installation of a device to redirect grey water to the garden or lawn via a sub-surface irrigation system. GDDs require thorough and constant monitoring by the owner/operator. Failure to do so, may result in the device failing, pollution and /or health risks. For further information on GDDs and whether Council approval is required, refer to the NSW Guidelines
  • Grey water treatment systems - enables you to use treated grey water for toilets, washing machines and on gardens and lawns. Council approval is required and you will need a plumber to install the system.

The NSW Guidelines relate to sewered properties only. For unsewered premises (or where there is an on site sewage management facility), grey water must be treated prior to use and Council needs to approve the system, as outlined in the On-Site Sewage Management Policy.

Recycled Water Projects

Delivering recycled water projects involves planning, studies and testing and consultation. So, while many projects have or are being delivered, others (ie Hastings Point Dune Revegetation) have not been pursued further. Click on the projects below for further details:

Arkinstall Park Municipal Oval, Tweed Heads
Barry Sheppard Oval and Round Mountain Pony Club
Burringbar and Mooball Reuse Scheme
Chindera Golf Course
Chinderah Ti Tree Plantation
Condong Co-generation Facility
Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club
Cugden Banana Farm
Hastings Point Dune Revegetation
Kingscliff Recycled Water Scheme
Kingscliff Turf Farm
Les Burger Field, Bogangar
Murwillumbah Sports Fields
Tumbulgum Sugar Cane Irrigation
Tyalgum Pasture Irrigation
Turf Farm at Round Mountain Road
Tweed Heads Cemetery / Memorial Gardens
Tweed Heads South Industrial Area
Tyalgum Eucalyptus Tree Plantation for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Uki Eucalyptus Tree Plantation for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
West Kingscliff

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