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Council's Emergency Dashboard includes the current status for weather warnings, road closures, power outages, water and sewer interruptions, and Council services and facilities, along with links to useful resources.

Please note that Council is not the main authority in emergencies. Please listen to the emergency radio broadcaster, ABC North Coast, on FM 94.5 or AM 720 and for life-threatening emergencies, always call 000.

View emergency contacts below, and for more information take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Emergency Contacts Information

Planning and recovery

Planning for an emergency
Information to help you prepare for an emergency

After an emergency - recovery
Information to help the community manage and recover from an emergency

How emergencies are managed
Learn about Council's role in emergency management  

Types of emergency

Following is an overview of some of the types of emergency events that might occur in the Tweed region. For further information, you can also reference the NSW Government's Guide to Natural Disasters in NSW (1.49mB PDF).

Bush Fires
Storms, Lightning and Cyclones

Emergency Management History in the Tweed

History of the Australian Coastguards Kingscliff Flotilla Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose power?
Why should I have an emergency kit and what should be in it?
What should I do if flood water is rising?
Flood water is threatening my property, can Council provide me with sandbags?
Who do I contact during a flood event?
Is it safe to swim or play in floodwater?
What is the best way to stay informed during any emergency?
If an emergency calls for an evacuation how will I be notified?
How do I get the most up to date weather information?
What should I do if a Flood Warning is issued?
What should I do if there is oil on the road?
Council has put up a road closed sign and/or barrier on a road but people are still driving through. Why can't Council enforce this?
Why isn't my road listed on the MyRoadInfo website when it is covered in flood water?
How will I know if Council services such as my local pool will be closed during an emergency?
During a flood, can I still flush my toilet?
There are flashing lights on the sewerage pump station - what should I do?
Stormwater is running onto my property from a neighbour's property. What should I do?
A tree (or part of) has fallen across powerlines. Who should I call?
A tree (or part of) has fallen on my property following a storm or flood. Who should I call?
A tree (or part of) has fallen on the road. How can I report it?
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