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Tweed Shire Council is working to deliver community and cultural facilities that operate as a network of complementary regional, district and local facilities.

A network approach means that we are considering how facilities can be designed, located and managed to contribute to the full complement of community facilities and spaces required across Tweed Shire (rather than just operating as individual facilities).

A strong network of community and cultural facilities is expected to:
  • be more responsive locally and across Tweed Shire, offering welcoming and activated places for the whole community;
  • deliver better value for the community and Council; and
  • over time, deliver accessible, safe and visible facilities that contribute more positively to the public domain and sense of place in our centres and towns.

Community Infrastructure Framework: a network approach to community infrastructure

Council's facilities are at different stages of planning, design and delivery.

A draft Community Infrastructure Framework was prepared to provide a tool for coordinating these diverse activities across our community and cultural facilities network and to ensure Council has the information required to make good investment and management decisions.

The draft Framework was on public exhibition from Tuesday 29 July until Friday 12 September 2014.

Following public exhibition of the draft, the Community Infrastructure Framework was revised in line with submissions received and a peer review conducted by an external social planning consultant, Elliot Whiteing Social Planning Solutions.

The revised Framework was endorsed by Council at its meeting on Thursday 16 October 2014.

An internal community infrastructure planning and delivery group is proposed to support implementation of the Community Infrastructure Framework and to coordinate technical input to the shire wide Community and Cultural Facilities Network Plan.

An interim progress report will be presented to a future Council meeting.


The Community Infrastructure Framework supports delivery of an activated network of community and cultural facilities:
  • with complimentary functions across the network to meet the needs of residents across Tweed Shire and our visitor population; and
  • at appropriate scale and locations for regional, district and local communities.

Scope - what types of facilities are included?

Facility types within the scope of the Community Infrastructure Framework are:
  • regional performing arts centre
  • public library service
  • district multipurpose community centre (including neighbourhood centres)
  • local community hall/ multipurpose community centre
  • museum
  • gallery
  • community arts workshop space
  • youth space
  • seniors hub/ centre
This framework also considers:
  • access to supporting infrastructure to ensure its community and cultural facilities and spaces are accessible;
  • requirements for Council to plan for programs and services for activation and management of facilities and spaces;
  • how demand is currently met by other infrastructure (recreation facilities and facilities not owned by Council); and
  • opportunities to link with spaces and facilities that complement Council's network.

Community Infrastructure Planning work program

The work program outlined below proposes the sequence of activities required to implement the Community Infrastructure Framework including preparation of a shire wide Community and Cultural Facilities Network Plan.

Stage 1

Seek community and stakeholder feedback, including technical advice, on the draft Community Infrastructure Framework as Council's planning methodology and as a tool to guide coordination and decisions about community infrastructure delivery.

Inform community members and stakeholders about the community infrastructure planning work program.

Stage 2

Prepare a Shire-wide Community and Cultural Facilities Network Plan (commencing in January 2015), subject to finalisation of the Community Infrastructure Framework, as per the methodology outlined in the framework.

For further information about Council's Community Infrastructure Planning, please contact the Community Development Officer - Social Planning on (02) 6670 2275.

Last Updated: 22 January 2018