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The focus of the Community Development Team is underpinned by social justice principles to support individuals and groups of people to effect change and participate more fully in community life. Since 1999, the NSW Division of Local Government has focused on Community Development and all NSW councils are required to develop social/community plans. Then, in February 2000, the NSW Government's Social Justice Directions statement was released which embodies the following key principles to be included in all social/community plans:

  • Equity - there should be fairness in the distribution of resources with particular care taken to protect the interests of marginalised groups
  • Access - all people should be able to get to and use public facilities, regardless of their social or economic circumstances
  • Participation - all people should have the maximum opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their lives
  • Rights - equality of rights should be established and promoted regardless of linguistic, racial or religious diversity
Social justice is one of the guiding principles on which Tweed Shire Council's ten year Community Strategic Plan is based. A Social Justice Charter is scheduled for development.

The Community Development Team is part of the Community and Cultural Services Unit and includes the following positions:
  • Coordinator - Community Development
  • Community Development Officer - Aboriginal
  • Community Development Officer - Ageing and Disability
  • Community Development Officer - Cultural Planner
  • Community Development Officer - Social Planner
  • Community Development Officer - Youth
  • Project Officer - Capacity Building
Through regular engagement within the community, each officer works with particular groups to understand their needs, recognise possible gaps in service delivery and identify any barriers to full enjoyment of community life. Policies and strategies are then developed and implemented to address issues that have been identified. Each team member has a comprehensive work plan in place detailed in the four year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan that reflects objectives of the ten year Community Strategic Plan.

To contact a member of the Community Development Team please call (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872 or email
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