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The Tweed Shire Council Pound is located at Leddays Creek Road, Stott’s Creek. It is open 7 days a week, excluding public holidays, from 10am - 4pm and can be contacted on (02) 6670 7420. Council’s after hours, weekend and emergency number is 1800 818 326.

Tweed Shire Council Officers may impound your dog if it is found unleashed in a public place or on another person’s property, the animal will them be transported to Councils pound. For lost or found cats and dogs please contact the Pound.

Impounded Animals

The Information contained on this site is provided as a community service by Tweed Shire Council. This page is normally updated during the course of each working day, however there may be occasions when this information is not updated (eg due to technical problems).

If you wish to confirm any information relating to impounded animals please contact the Tweed Shire Council Dog and Cat Impounding Facility on 02 6670 7420 from 10:00am to 4:00pm seven days a week.

Please click on either the Impounded Cats or Impounded Dogs headings below for the currently available list of animals.

Impounded Cats
Impounded Dogs

Owners are responsible for their animal in relation to the Companion Animals Act and may be liable for any breaches that may have occurred in relation to the Act. Please [ click here ] to go to the relevant section of the NSW Legislation website.

Dogs and cats are kept at the Tweed Shire Council Impounding Facility for the minimum of 14 days for an animal that has been microchipped and a minimum of 7 days for animals without microchips.

Council officers will make every effort to find the owner of the dog or cat and arrange for the owner to collect it.

When you collect your pet from the Tweed Shire Council Impounding Facility you will be required to pay a release fee and additional fees to cover the time your pet has spent in the facility. If you are a resident of NSW, you will also be required to microchip and register your dog if not already registered. QLD residents will be required to have their animal microchipped.

Other Services Available

Animal Traps

The pound hires out animal traps to assist residents with roaming cats and dogs.

Customers should contact the pound for booking and availability. A deposit of $50 is required.

Reduced Cost Microchipping

The pound microchips companion animals for the reduced rate of $57 for Tweed Shire residents.

Customers are required to contact the pound for an appointment.

Dangerous Dog Signage and Collars

Available from the Pound:

  • Dangerous Dog signs - $23
  • Dangerous Dog collars:
    • Small - $41
    • Medium - $46
    • Large - $51
    • Extra large - $58

Friends of The Pound Tweed Inc.

Friends of the Pound Tweed Inc. was founded in May 2000, they are a non-profit charitable organisation, dependent solely on donations and the fund-raising efforts of volunteers.

Their primary purpose is to re-home abandoned animals. They also promote the importance of responsible pet ownership and hope to lessen the increasing number of homeless animals, particularly through encouraging the desexing of animals to reduce the appalling number of unwanted pets.

For more information visit Friends of the Pound website.

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