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Visit Transport for NSW for comprehensive information on parking, signage, parking zones, fines and demerit point offences.

Tweed has free timed parking within the main business districts of Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Kingscliff, Cabarita and Pottsville.

Free timed parking balances the needs of shoppers, businesses, workers and visitors. It assists with the regular turnover of vehicles allowing more people to access shops and services.

The only paid parking within the Tweed is a $2 per day charge for parking on level one of the Council car park next to the Murwillumbah Aquatic Centre.

Most residential parking is not restricted by time, however areas around sporting facilities, schools and hospitals do have restricted timed parking zones.

The Parking Enforcement Vehicle (PEV)

Parking Enforcement Vehicle

In 2020 Council launched a PEV equipped with state-of-the-art camera and software technology that identifies instances of non-compliance where parking restrictions are in place. The benefits of using this technology include:

  • increased safety for pedestrians and drivers
  • optimised parking availability for vehicles
  • safer school zones
  • less traffic congestion

The technology

What is the benefit of the PEV?

How many PEVs does Council have?

How does the car recognise if an offence has occurred?

What happens to the images of vehicles that are not parked illegally?

Do you have permission to record parked vehicles?

Parking safely and legally

To avoid a parking infringement fine, do not park:

  • on a median strip, clearway or traffic island
  • on or across a driveway, footpath or nature strip
  • on a Bus Zone, or Taxi Zone
  • between No Stopping signs or on Yellow Edge Line
  • adjacent to a parked vehicle, resulting in double parking

If motorists park on clearways, no parking zones, or too close to an intersection, this can restrict traffic flow, vision of motorists and create dangerous situations for other road users. If a motorist does park illegally a penalty notice may be issued, and in certain instances demerit points can apply.

For more information, watch the NSW Transport video above about road rules in school zones and visit our road safety web page.

Parking fines and fees

Council does not handle payments or disputes for parking fines and we are unable to cancel or withdraw a penalty notice once it has been issued. Revenue NSW are responsible for administering all penalty notices including any request for review of enforcement action taken.

If you believe a penalty notice has been issued in error, or you wish to seek leniency based on certain circumstances, please contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118 or visit

Are penalty notices issued at the time of an offence?

How will I receive a parking fine?

How do I pay a parking fine?

What happens with the money collected from parking infringements?

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