Facts and figures

Quick facts about Tweed's water and wastewater

 Description Volume
Area of the Tweed's water catchment


Capacity of Clarrie Hall Dam

15,000 ML

Drinking water treated annually

9,000 ML

Water meters in the Tweed 


Water population served

Wastewater population served



Asset data summary

The following documents include information about our water and wastewater infrastructure assets, such as dams, pump stations and treatment plants. Council aims to deliver water and wastewater services as functionally and cost-effectively as possible.

Water and Wastewater Asset Key Indicators July 2022(PDF, 108KB)

Water and Wastewater Long Term Financial Plan Summary July 2021(PDF, 106KB)

Water Supply Asset Management Plan(PDF, 399KB)

Wastewater Asset Management Plan(PDF, 348KB)