Seasonal sports application form

A certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of ($20) twenty million dollars coverage is required.

This form must be completed in full and submitted to Council by the first week in September for Summer tenure or by the first week in March for Winter tenure. Late applications may be refused or incur additional fees.

Check Council's fees. Fees must be paid by the due date on the invoice. Overdue invoices will incur interest.

After ALL seasonal applications are received licences will be posted to clubs for signing.

Licences to be signed and returned to Council prior to the beginning of the tenure period.

Licences are a legal document and are NOT to be altered. Any variations are to be in written form to Council for approval and attached to the signed licence agreement if approved.

Licence agreements will not be valid without current insurance. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that any insurances expiring during licence period is renewed and a copy of the new certificate of currency sent to Council.

Club insurance is null and void without a valid licence agreement signed by Council

Season licences are for training and competition days

Gala days, carnivals and tournaments etc - please use the Casual Sports Events on Council Administered Land application form.