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We think there are special reasons for coming to one of the fastest growing areas in New South Wales and becoming part of the Tweed Shire Council team. We know how important it is to make sure your career move to Tweed Shire Council is the right one. Why not learn more about us, our location, and why it is so great to work here?

Introduction to the Tweed Shire

The Tweed Shire is a corner of the world rich in environmental, cultural and economic diversity. Watch this podcast for more information about this wonderful region.

Introduction to Tweed Shire (22.83mB MPG)

Introduction to Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire is one of the fastest growing areas in New South Wales. Tweed Shire Council is one of the region’s largest employers with around 700 staff. In order to provide the wide range of services necessary to support the Tweed Shire region, our staff are employed in a broad variety of industries, careers and specialities. There really is something for most people at Council, whatever your career goals and aspirations. Watch this podcast for more information on the organisation.

Introduction to Tweed Shire Council (16.72mB MPG)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Council dress code?
For field-based positions, personal protective equipment (PPE) is required, with specific requirements dependant on the position applied for. Council will provide PPE and uniforms.
For office-based positions, staff are expected to dress professionally in neat and tidy attire, suitable to an office environment.
The wearing of a uniform in most units is optional, with the exception that some areas do require a uniform. Uniforms can be ordered from our preferred supplier and a subsidy can be obtained.
What are my entitlements if I am moving to Tweed Shire Council from another Council within NSW in acordance with Award provisions?
Sick Leave and Long Service Leave are transferable from any other Council in NSW provided there is no greater than a 3 month break in service between leaving one Council and joining another.
Is there an induction program?
Yes. New employees attend a corporate induction within their first month of employment, to welcome you to the organisation, and help with a smooth transition into your new role.
The induction program continues with your work unit over the first three months of employment.
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