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Level 2 Water Restrictions in place for the Tweed from Friday 13 December. Level 4 restrictions already in place for Tyalgum. Save water now
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Save water now

Level 2 Water Restrictions in place from Friday 13 December

Residential water use

Current: 194L

Target: 144L

Litres per person per day

Read below to find out what Level 2 Water Restrictions mean for you.

On 5 December 2019, Council decided to impose the restrictions on the Tweed District Water Supply, which includes Uki, as the level of Clarrie Hall Dam is falling 1.8% a week, faster than original estimates of 1% a week.

Council also voted to change the trigger levels for increasing water restrictions:

  • Level 3 restrictions will be imposed when the dam drops to 65% (used to be 50% capacity)
  • Level 4 restrictions will be imposed when the dam drops to 60% capacity (used to be 40% capacity).

Note: Level 4 Water Restrictions have been in place for Tyalgum since 24 November 2019.

We all need to save 50 litres of water a day, which is five household plastic buckets; or, for a family of four, a standard bathtub filled to the brim.

Businesses and commercial premises can download the Drought Water Restrictions Policy (541kB PDF) for full details of water restrictions relating to business operations.

Level 2 Residential Water Restrictions – Tweed District Water Supply


  • NO watering lawns.
  • NO water play toys.
  • NO outdoor showers (beach showers will be turned off).
  • NO sprinklers, soaker hoses or unattended hand-held hoses.

Limited use

  • House cleaning (windows, roofs, driveways, etc)- ONLY when property is for sale or lease. Must be approved by Council, using a commercial cleaner (high-pressure, low-flow), no DIY allowed.
  • Fish ponds and aquariums – ONLY top-up to keep fish alive.
  • Swimming pool top-up – ONLY hand-held hoses before 9am and after 4pm.
  • New turf or lawn – ONLY 1 hour on day of install, then 30 minutes before 9am and after 4pm for 7 days.

Allowed – every second day (odds/evens) before 9am and after 4pm

  • Gardens – hand-held hose ONLY for 30 minutes.
  • Gardens – microspray or drip irrigation ONLY for 15 minutes.
  • Cars, boats and trailers – buckets or hand-held hoses ONLY for 10 minutes.

Odds/evens watering days

  • If your house is an odd number and the day of the month is an odd number, you can water as per the restrictions above.
  • If your house is an even number and the day of the month is an even number, you can water as per the restrictions above.
  • No one can water on the 31st of the month.

Buckets – allowed anytime

  • Gardens – water with a bucket or watering can anytime.
  • Pets – wash by bucket anytime.
  • Cars, boats and trailers – wash by bucket anytime.

Level 4 Residential Water Restrictions – Tyalgum Water Supply

  • NO watering lawns, new turf or gardens.
  • NO water toys or outdoor showers.
  • Pet washing by bucket only, no hoses.
  • NO topping up ponds, waterfeatures or aquariums (except to keep fish alive).
  • NO topping up swimming pools or spas (unless approved by Council to avoid structural damage).
  • NO washing cars or boats or any external part of the house.
Level 4 Residential and Business Water Restrictions - Tyalgum (290kB PDF)

Fines for not complying with water restrictions

Failing to comply with water restrictions may result in a $220 fine. Repeated misuse of water may result in the water service being restricted and in extreme cases, disconnected. Please contact Council to report any breach of water restrictions.

Water carting

All external water sales are banned. This means local water carters cannot sell water outside the Tweed border and carters from other areas cannot buy water from the Tweed (unless it’s being used within the Tweed Shire).

Water Carters in the Tweed Shire (38kB PDF)

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