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Current Status

As at 16 September 2019

There are currently no water restrictions in place for the Bray Park Water Supply Scheme (Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads and Tweed Coast). Some water restrictions apply for the Uki and Tylagum Water Supply Schemes. Please see below for details.

Residents are encourged to be water wise. For water saving tips visit: Water Saving Tips

See Council's Water Snapshot (external link) page for the current water level.

Drought Water Restrictions Policy

Council's Drought Water Restrictions Policy (541kB PDF) sets out the water restrictions that would be implemented in the event of a drought. The policy applies to all properties connected to Council's Bray Park and Uki water supply schemes.

Council will communicate water restriction information to residents and businesses on this website, through the Tweed Link and other local newspapers, on television, radio and using signage and mail.

Failing to comply with water restrictions when they are in force may result in a $200 fine. Repeated misuse of water may result in the water service being restricted and in extreme cases, disconnected. Customers are encouraged to let Council know of any misuse of water and this information shall be investigated.

When would water restrictions be implemented?

For the majority of the Tweed Shire, water restrictions are determined by the Clarrie Hall Dam levels, as shown below.

Clarrie Hall Dam Level

Water Restriction Level

Water Demand Reduction Target


external water sales are banned and pre-activation activities



Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4


Areas with independent water restriction triggers are:

Uki Water Supply Scheme

Water restrictions for the Uki water supply scheme coincide with the triggers for the Bray Park system.

However there are times when the Uki system is affected by water quality problems. During heavy rain events, raw water turbidity creates problems with the water treatment process so the treatment plant is turned off until the raw water quality improves again. Similar problems may occur with high algae levels in the raw water. During these periods, water extraction via tanker from the Uki supply area is banned. Council informs all local water carters when this occurs. At these times, customers may notice a different taste in the water due to the slight difference in raw water quality.

If water needs to be carted from the Bray Park supply to service Uki for an extended period, water restrictions to the entire Uki water supply area may be applied to reduce water consumption.

As at 16 September 2019, water carting from the Uki Water Supply Scheme remains banned.

Tyalgum Water Supply Scheme

Independent water restrictions apply to the Tyalgum water supply scheme.

In general, water restrictions are considered for Tyalgum when the weir ceases to overflow. If this occurs, water restrictions might be applied if Council deems it necessary to reduce water use.

The Tyalgum water supply area also experiences raw water quality events during which water is carted from the Bray Park water supply to the reservoir at Tyalgum. If water is carted for an extended period, water restrictions to the entire Tyalgum water supply area may be applied to reduce water consumption.

As at 16 September 2019, water carting from the Tyalgum Water Supply Scheme is banned.

Border Park Raceway and Ocean Breeze

South East Queensland water restrictions (external link) apply in these precincts.
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