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At a Glance

Location:Frances Street, Murwillumbah

Tertiary Treated Effluent System

Capacity: 16000 people
Up to 3.84 ML/day
Discharge Point:Condong Sugar Mill reuses about 30% of the treated water
The remaining treated water is discharged into the Rous River directly opposite the treatment plant as per licence conditions.
Upgrades:The plant was completed in 2000. The cost of the plant and reticulation was $10 million. 75% was funded by Council and 25% from the State Government.

In 2007 the Tertiary treated effluent system was built to reuse the majority of wastewater at Condong Sugar Mill.

Murwillumbah WWTPMurwillumbah WWTP The reticulation network in Murwillumbah is based on a conventional gravity system with pump stations.

Features of the plant include:

  • The inlet works comprise a main channel fitted with a mechanical step screen, grit chamber, storm overflow chamber and a flow divider to split the flows downstream of the inlet works.
  • Two intermittently decantering extended aeration tanks (EAT’s), each with a design capacity of 8000 equivalent persons.
  • Two concrete lined in-ground balance ponds.
  • Chemical dosing facilities for phosphorus removal and pH correction with bunded storage area.
  • UV disinfection facilities.
  • Deodorisation bed and blower to extract and treat foul air from the inlet works.
  • Amenities
  • Blower facility for aeration


  • The treatment process is an activated sludge process.Murwillumbah WWTP Looking across in-ground balance pond to extended aeration tank (EAT)Looking across in-ground balance pond to extended aeration tank (EAT)
  • The amount of phosphorus is reduced by the addition of Alum (Aluminium Sulfate) to the process.
  • Volume limit for the discharge of liquid waste is 14000 kL/day.
  • Load limiting applies to this plant

Tertiary Treated Effluent System

The tertiary treatment facility comprises an in-line filter, 2 membrane tanks (3ML/day), balance tank, UV system and permeate pumps, blowers and storage tanks.

Chemicals used include Citric Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite for membrane cleaning, Sodium Metabisulphite for dechlorination of wash water and Chlorine for final disinfection.

Environmental Licencing and Monitoring

For details regarding the Environmental Protection Licence and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Pollution Monitoring, see Environmental Monitoring.Murwillumbah WWTP Tertiary Treated Effluent FacilityTertiary Treated Effluent Facility
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