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Glass bottles/jars, firm plastic bottles and containers, metal cans, clean paper products, newspapers and long-life cartons.

Have an overflowing recycling bin? Consider switching to a larger 360L sized recycling bin, at a slightly increased cost.
  • Firm plastic bottles and containers (lids off, bottle lids in red bin) regardless of recycling symbol or number
  • Glass bottles and jars (lids off, lids smaller than a credit card in red bin)
  • Steel, tin and aluminium cans
  • Paint tins (empty)
  • Aluminium foil (in a ball)
  • Aluminium trays
  • Paper and cardboard including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, paper bags, books, envelopes
  • Milk/Juice cartons (no lids, place lids in red bin)
  • Tetra paks (no lids, no straws, place lids and straws in red bin)
  • Pizza boxes (no food)
  • Plastic take away containers (no food)
  • All nappies (including biodegradable and compostable)
  • Kitty litter and pet waste
  • All plastic bags (including degradable and biodegradable)
  • All soft plastics
  • Textiles, clothing, doonas, pillows
  • All foam packaging
  • Pyrex, ceramics (mugs, plates, glassware, drinking glasses, bowls)
  • Coffee cups, bioplastics, PLA
  • Sheet glass (window glass, shower screens) and mirrors
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Wire, string, rope, hoses
  • Treated timber and building materials
  • Food and garden waste
  • Hazardous materials (asbestos, chemicals, paint, aerosol cans)

Did you know?

  • It is cheaper to process recyclables than sending them to landfill as it avoids the State Government waste levy. These levies on waste will continue to incentivise less going to landfill.
  • Avoid excess packaging by buying in bulk and using reusable containers.
  • 25% of what ends up in the typical red bin is recyclable material that should be going into the recycling bin and saved from landfill.
  • Council accepts the following for FREE at its Additional Recycling and Waste Disposal (at Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre): bulk cardboard, glass bottles and aluminium cans, oil, hazardous materials including paint, e-waste, gas bottles, and scrap metals such as whitegoods.
  • Collection vehicles are fitted with cameras. Bins that have incorrect items will be tagged and will only be collected once the resident has removed incorrect items in each bin.
  • Plastic bags get caught in the equipment and clog up sorting machinery sometimes causing serious damage and increasing recycling costs.
  • Most coffee cups are now lined with plastic which cannot be recycled. Reusable takeaway coffee cups are a better investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a change to the collection days?
There will be no changes to your collection day. The green lid organics bin will be collected every week and the red lid landfill and yellow lid recycling bins will be collected fortnightly on alternate weeks. One week you put out the red landfill bin and green organics bins, and the next you put out the yellow recycling and the green organics bin. This will ensure there are never more than two bins on your kerbside at the same time.
A new collection calendar will be available on the Tweed Shire Council website before the service begins on 1 July
Last Updated: 26 July 2018