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Caddies and liners can be purchased from a number of local stores and online sources including those below. Please make sure that your caddy liners are 100% compostable and comply with Australian Certified composting standards AS4736. Degradable and biodegradable bags are not compostable.


Vending machines at the following locations: Tweed City Shopping Centre (near Woolworths & near Coles), Tweed Mall Centro, Sunnyside Mall, Kingscliff Village Shopping Centre.
These machines are a privately owned business and only take visa/mastercard, or a card linked to this feature, the machine doesn't take cash or eftpos.

Stores: Bunnings, IGA – Tweed Valley Way, IGA – Pottsville, Woolworths (Kingscliff, Cabarita and Tweed City), some local hardware stores

Online: Source Separations, Compost-A-Pak, Ecovend, BioBag, Cardia


Online: Source Separations, Compost-A-Pak, Ecovend, BioBag

Plastic, degradable and biodegradable bags MUST NOT be placed into your organics bin as they do not break down in the composting process. Removing plastic bags can greatly increase operating costs and can pollute your community’s compost product.

Caddies can be purchased from a number of local stores and online sources – see Buyer’s Guide – Kitchen Caddy Options (325kB PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the green organics bin smell?
Generally, the organics waste in the green lid bin should not smell as it is serviced weekly.
But in warmer weather, if you are concerned prawn peelings, meat or fish might be an issue before collection day, place them in the  freezer and then into the organics bin closer to collection day. Wrap food scraps in newspaper, or use liners to assist. See our Tips for Summer.
What can I put in the green organics bin?
ALL food scraps, including fruit (citrus too), vegetables, meat, seafood, bones, dairy products, eggs, cereal, shells, pasta, coffee grinds, tea bags and takeaway scraps can be added. Tissues, food-soiled paper products can also be included such as newspaper, paper and compostable products (excluding nappies). Garden waste accepted includes palm fronds, lawn, clippings, garden pruning, leaves, weeds and flowers.
Where can I purchase a caddy?
Caddies and compostable liners to help you separate food scraps. Additional caddies can purchased from a number of local stores and online sources including:
Replacement Caddy: Source Separations (external link) , Compost-A-Pak
Additional Options:  Buyer's Guide - Kitchen Caddy Options (325kB PDF)
How do I store food waste before placing it in my green lid organics bin?
Council will deliver a free kitchen caddy and a trial roll of Australian certified green compostable liners to each eligible household. The caddy is a handy compact container to be kept in the kitchen. Place your food scraps in the caddy using the liner, before transferring them to your green organics bin.
Newspaper also works well to line the caddy, and you can simply wrap the material to transfer it to the green organics bin (throw the newspaper in too).
You can also use the caddy without a liner (people have been doing this for years) and put food scraps directly into your caddy. Just rinse it after emptying.
Only use compostable bags (must be Australian standard: AS 4736). This means they break down within a 12 week composting period. DO NOT USE plastic bags as they pollute the compost that will be used in your community.
The caddy can be stored on top of your kitchen bench, under the sink or mounted inside a cupboard.
Can I use plastic bags?
No. Plastic bags pollute the composting process and could make the final compost unsuitable for use in our community. Only use the special compostable green bags (must be Australian standard: AS 4736) made with a natural starch base which breaks down once it is in a composting environment. Regular plastic bags don’t readily break down in the environment.
Where can I purchase more liners if I choose to use them?
Suitable compostable caddy liners can be purchased from a number of local stores as well other sources:
  • Bunnings
  • IGA, Coles, Woolworths
  • Some local hardware stores
  • Vending machines will be available in major shopping malls: Tweed City Shopping Centre (near Woolworths & near Coles), Tweed Mall, Sunnyside Mall Murwillumbah, Kingscliff Village Shopping Village
Online: Source Separations , Compost-A-Pak , Ecovend (external link) , Cardia (external link) , Biopak (external link)
How often should I empty my kitchen caddy?
Your kitchen food waste container should be emptied at least every two to three days, or as you feel necessary. However, in warmer months it should be emptied every one to two days.
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