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Beach Vehicle Permits

Development of the Policy

Council has an ongoing duty to consider the use of the Shires beaches and as coastal populations increase so does the potential for conflict over beach usage, therefore Council has established a clear direction of management for Beach Vehicle access through consultation with the community and interested parties.
There are a number of strategic factors that impact the beach areas within the Tweed Shire.

1. Nature Reserves under the control of the Department of Climate and Conservation (DECC)

Cudgen, Wooyung and Billinudgel Nature Reserves are the areas of the Tweed Coast currently managed by the DECC. The DECC have adopted plans of Management for each of these reserves and beach driving in a nature reserve is considered an inappropriate use of the reserve. This activity is contrary to the purposes of dedication of a nature reserve as specified under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 which states recreational use of nature reserves should be nature based. The Cudgen, Billinudgel and Wooyung Nature Reserves are all gazetted to the mean low water mark effectively placing the inter-tidal zone under DECC control. Therefore vehicles traversing the inter-tidal zone within the boundaries of the nature reserve are subject to the provisions of the NP and A Act. Accordingly Tweed Shire Council permit holders are prohibited from accessing these areas in accordance with the DECC plan of management for individual reserves.

2. Potential for conflict over beach usage.

Beaches accessible to current BVP holders are located in areas where there is relatively low beach usage by the general public. Increasing pressures from coastal subdivisions is identified as a factor limiting four wheel drive access, for reasons of public safety and liability issues. These subdivisions also provide improved access and more secure parking adjacent to the beach, resulting in a reduced need for beach vehicle access.
The current beach vehicle policy was developed through extensive community consultation and submissions from interested stakeholders.

Current Policy

The Beach Vehicle permit season runs from the 1 August through to the 31 of July each year and it makes specific provision for permits under the following categories:
  • Amateur Permit (Renewal of current permits ONLY) - Documents required to renew are Drivers Licence, 4WD Registration papers and if stated a Medical Certificate.
  • Professional Permit - (Documents required are a Commercial Fishing Licence, Drivers Licence and 4WD Registration papers). Either a
  • Special permits (Documents required are a Certified Disability Parking permit, Drivers Licence of driver, 4WD Registration papers).
  • A Temporary short term permit can be applied for in conjunction with a Temporary Film Licence Agreement
Council has resolved not to issue commercial (tour) beach vehicle permits.

Beach Vehicles Policy (47kB PDF)
Pottsville to Wooyung Fishing Access for Beach Vehicle Permit Holders (1.27mB PDF)
Kingscliff to Cabarita Fishing Access for Beach Vehicle Permit Holders (1.3mB PDF)

Disability Parking Permits

Throughout the Tweed Shire there are designated parking areas for people with disabilities. Only people who hold and display a current disabled parking permit on the front windscreen of their vehicle can legally park with these parking areas. Details on how to acquire a disabled parking permit can be obtained by contacting the RTA on 132213 or by visiting RMS Mobility Parking Scheme.

Displaying Mobility Parking Scheme and Australian Disability Parking Scheme Permits
With the introduction of the new Australian Disability Parking Scheme, you must display both your RTA-issued Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit and the Australian Disability Parking Permit in order to obtain parking concessions. From 1 April 2011, permits not displayed in the format shown with the green tick below will not be eligible for any parking concessions, and you may be fined as if no permit is displayed.
Attach the completed permit to your vehicle. The permit should be displayed clearly on the left-hand (passenger) side of your vehicle. If this is not practicable, it should be placed in an area where the whole of the permit may be viewed from outside the vehicle, and it is not blocking the driver's vision while the vehicle is in motion. Ensure that the side marked THIS SIDE UP is showing.
You can use the white suction cup from your NSW MPS permit, or the black suction cup available for issue with the Australian Disability Parking Permit, or any other method you prefer to display your permit, as long as it does not obscure any of the permit details or the driver's vision while the vehicle is in motion.

Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) parking concessions
Parking concessions are only available when the Mobility Parking Scheme permit and the Australian Disability Parking Permit are displayed together on the vehicle, and the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder, or in the case of an organisation, when the vehicle is being used to carry an eligible person.

How long can I park?
The concessions for time limited parking are as follows:

Ordinary parking signs
Where parking is limited to more than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for an unlimited time.
Where parking is limited to 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for two (2) hours.
Where parking is limited to less than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Signs showing the symbol for people with disabilities
Parking spaces and signs that show the symbol for people with disabilities have the effect of a ‘No Parking’ sign, except for vehicles displaying MPS cards.

Metered, coupon or ticket parking areas
A vehicle displaying an MPS card can park in metered, coupon or ticket parking areas at no charge.

No Parking
A vehicle displaying an MPS card must not stop for longer that five minutes and only to drop off or pick up passengers or goods and the driver must remain within three metres of the vehicle.

Where can't I park?
MPS permits don't allow vehicles to stand or be parked between No Stopping signs or on taxi stands or bus, loading, construction or truck zones or clearways.

Frequently Asked Questions

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