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Tweed Bird Walks

Many species found in the Tweed Caldera are at the northern or southern extents of their range. This brochure has been produced by BirdLife Northern Rivers and Tweed Shire Council, which have selected sites to provide bird enthusiasts with an opportunity to enjoy this unique area

The Tweed Caldera is one of the world’s largest and best examples of a caldera formed by the erosion of an extinct volcano. The volcano’s original plug, Wollumbin-Mount Warning, sits at the centre of the caldera, with a roughly circular outer rim formed by the escarpment walls of the McPherson and Border Ranges.

The Tweed Caldera has an exceptionally high biodiversity, supporting a huge number of plant and animal species. Fertile soils, the climate and latitude all contribute to this biodiversity, with the area able support temperate and sub-tropical species.

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