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Council protects trees and vegetation on private land to preserve the Tweed’s character, amenity, biodiversity, historical and ecological values. The importance of mature trees in urban areas around the world is increasingly being recognised for the values they provide to the liveability of our cities and towns.

Trees play an important part in:

  • providing habitat and food for wildlife maintaining the health of our lands and our living environment
  • reduce the effects of sunlight, summer heat, reflection, pollution, humidity, wind, glare, refraction and noise
  • protecting soil and water supplies
  • providing shelter and protection from predators for many birds, animals and insect species
  • acting as extensions and links between core bushland, as bushland corridors (particularly in urban areas)
  • acting as the "lungs of the earth", taking in and storing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, thus filtering the air, and significantly reducing airborne pollution

Tree removal in non-rural areas (e.g. residential)

Prescribed Vegetation is protected in non-rural areas under State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017 and Council's Development Control Plan - Section A16 Preservation of Trees and Vegetation (DCP A16) (320kB PDF).

If a land owner wishes to remove or damage any Prescribed Vegetation on their "non-rural" property, a permit may be required from Council.

Use the "Do I need approval" section below to help determine if an Application for Removal/Pruning of Trees or Vegetation Clearing (307kB PDF) is required.

Note there is no application fee to lodge a tree removal application.

An application will be considered to be refused if a response has not been provided within 28 days of lodgement (unless otherwise notified).

Tree removal in rural areas

Clearing of native vegetation in rural areas e.g. RU1 – Primary Production, RU2 Rural Landscapes or DM – Deferred Matter areas (where not associated with an activity that requires development consent), may require approval under the Local Land Services Act 2013. Contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 or see for more information.

If the clearing is associated with an activity that requires development consent see below for more information.

Do I need approval?

Are you in a non-rural zone?

What type of vegetation are you removing?


Contact us if you require further assistance.

Other information

Trees on my neighbours property (private property)

Can Council remove a tree on my property for me?

Clearing associated with an activity that requires development consent

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