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What is a Subdivision Certificate?

A Subdivision Certificate authorises the registration of the plan of subdivision for lodgement with the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI). You must have a Subdivision Certificate to create the new titles for your subdivision. The Subdivision Certificate, as provided for under Section 109c(1)(d) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, certifies that the subdivision has been completed in accordance with the consent and any subdivision work has been completed in accordance with the Construction Certificate.

How do I apply for a Subdivision Certificate?

1. Prior to applying for a Subdivision Certificate you will be required to obtain a Subdivision Work As Executed Plans Compliance Certificate (SWAXCC) from Council. Details relating to this certificate can be found in the Design Specifications, section D13.16, 17 and 18. As a minimum, you will need to arrange the preparation of Amended Design Work As Executed plans and Summary Work As Executed plans to accompany your application for a SWAXCC.

2. You can apply for a subdivision certificate using the form Application for Subdivison - Subdivision Certificate (102kB PDF) after Council issues the Subdivision Work As Executed Plans Compliance Certificate (SWAXCC). The following information must accompany a Subdivision Certificate application:

  • Subdivision Certificate fee as per the current fees and charges
  • Original plan of subdivision prepared by a registered surveyor and 6 copies of the original plan together with any applicable 88B Instrument
  • Relevant development consent or complying development certificate, including written detail confirming compliance with each condition of consent
  • Detailed subdivision engineering plans endorsed with a construction certificate (where applicable)
  • For deferred commencement consent evidence that the applicant has satisfied the consent authority on all matters which it must be satisfied of before the consent can operate
  • Evidence that the applicant has complied with all conditions of consent that it is required to before a subdivision certificate can be issued
  • A certificate of compliance from the relevant water supply authority
  • Evidence that all section 94 and section 64 applicable have been correctly paid
  • Evidence that all outstanding fees and charges have been paid
  • Evidence that all work required by the Construction Certificate has been satisfactorily completed
  • Submission of a Subdivision Work Compliance Certificate from the Subdivision Works Accredited Certifier (SWAC)
  • Documentary evidence that all matters contained in Section 109J of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have been complied with
  • Written evidence that the proposed road/street names have been approved
  • If the Subdivision Certificate is to be lodged at the LPI via ePlan the applicant shall supply six (6) copies of the original plan of subdivision and two (2) copies of the appropriate plan forms for Certificates, Signatures and Seals

What happens once Council has issued the Subdivision Certificate?

When Council has endorsed the Subdivision Certificate and subdivision plan you can lodge your plans at the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI) for registration and issue of the new titles.
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