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Some customers may be eligible for a rebate or reduction of their water charges. This currently applies to pensioners and home haemodialysis patients as well as approved customers who have discovered a water leak on their property.

This section outlines the eligibility for reduction in water charges and application processes.

Pensioner Rebates

If you hold a pensioner concession card or veterans affairs gold card (stamped with Total and Permanent Incapacitation (TPI) or Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA)), and own and reside in the rated property, then you may be eligible for a rebate on your general rates, as well as your water, sewerage and domestic waste management charges.

This rebate may be automatically applied and will be reflected on your notice. Pensioner rebates are applied to rates and charges on eligible properties at the time of levying the rate in July of each year. Additional adjustments are processed throughout the year.

For 2019/2020 the full pensioner rebate (100% eligibility per annum) is $425.00. This includes a rebate off ordinary rates and charges and is broken down as follows:
  • An annual rebate of $250.00 off the ordinary rate is applied to residential or farmland rated properties (includes garbage charges).
  • Where service charges are applicable, a rebate of $87.50 is available off the sewer access charge.
  • Where service charges are applicable, a rebate of $87.50 is available off the water access charge.
  • As the full rebate of $87.50 is received off the water access charge, there is no longer a reduction available for water consumption.
. See Pensioner Rebates.

Home Haemodialysis

Due to the nature of their treatment, customers receiving haemodialysis at home will be provided a credit for the cost of 100kL of water per year.

To receive this credit, home haemodialysis patients must provide written evidence of their treatment on an annual basis from an appropriate Health Service. For further information, please contact Tweed Shire Council .

Undetectable Water Leaks

In certain cases, Council may reduce water consumption charges if the account holders have an undetectable water leak on their property.

For a claim to be successful, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant is the recorded owner of the property with the undetectable leak
  • The leak was undetectable as defined in the 'Reduction of Water Consumption Charges due to Undetectable Leakage' Policy
  • The leak was not due to the deterioration or failure of fittings, fixtures or appliances that convey or use water (ie a leaking toilet, shower, tap, hot water service, valve, appliance hose, swimming pool, pump or irrigation system)
  • A statement is provided with details of the problem including: how and when it was discovered, how it was rectified and the date of repairs. The statement must demonstrate that the owner was proactive in attending to the leak.
  • A copy is provided of the invoice for the repairs on the undetectable leak carried out by a licensed plumber, showing their licence number, the nature of the repairs and confirming in their opinion that the water loss was not readily visible or detectable in the property water supply service.
  • The metered water consumption exceeds the average consumption recorded at the property during the previous three years or since the owner purchased the property.
  • The application is received within sixty days of the issue date of the affected water account.

If successful, Council will provide a 75 per cent discount on the water which exceeds the average usage for the previous three years.

Applicants must complete the Reduction of Water Consumption Charges due to Undetectable Leakage Application (258kB PDF) and should read the Reduction of Water Related Charges due to Undetectable Leakage Policy (63kB PDF) before submitting a claim as it outlines what an 'undetectable leak' is and sets out any exclusions that apply (ie appliance and equipment failure).

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