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Tweed Shire Council rates are payable in full or by quarterly instalment. Tweed Council’s water consumption charges are issued quarterly and are a separate account - for information about your water notice see Billing and Charges. Interest charges on unpaid quarters are accrued daily once they fall due and remain unpaid. The interest rate is set each year by the Division of Local Government.

Due dates are set by the Local Government Act 1993 NSW and are as follows (or the next working day when these fall on a weekend):

Payment in Full: 31 August (See bottom of page for Rates Incentive Scheme)
First Instalment: 31 August
Second Instalment: 30 November
Third Instalment: 28 February
Fourth Instalment: 31 May

In accordance to the Local Government Act, Council will produce and post notices 30 days prior to due date of payment.

For rates payment options see Payment Options. Alternatively please refer to the back of your rates notice for all payment options.

Periodic Payments

Rates and charges may be paid outside the due dates subject to an agreement being reached between Tweed Shire Council and the ratepayer.

Having difficulty in making payment deadlines or payment is late?

Quarterly instalments not paid in full by the due date, will be charged interest on the amount owing. The interest charge is calculated daily. Your rates notice advises the current interest rate, as set by the Department of Local Government each year. Please ensure your payment reaches us by the payment date shown on your notice.

Council has a firm debt recovery system when the account is not paid and no contact has been made with Council. However, Council is sympathetic to genuine cases of ratepayers having difficulty meeting payment deadlines. Should you be in such a position please do not hesitate to contact Council's debt recovery officer for a confidential approach. Council can provide weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments for ratepayers who may have difficulty meeting payment deadlines for rates, water or sundry debtors.

If you would like to discuss a payment plan, please ensure you contact Council to implement an arrangement that supports your financial situation. It is important that we hear from you to ensure the automatic debt recovery process is not implemented where no payment or contact has been made. You can also submit an online Rates and Charges Arrangement Application or Water Arrangement Application.

Rates Incentive Scheme

Council offers a Rates Incentive Scheme for ratepayers who elect to pay their annual rates by 31 August as a lump sum as opposed to paying in four equal instalments.

First Prize: $2500 Sustainable Home Package*
Second Prize: $1500 Sustainable Home Package*
Third Prize: $1000 Sustainable Home Package*

*Each Sustainable Home Package can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose from items such as solar power, solar hot water, energy/water efficient white goods, rainwater tanks, compost bins,
window tinting, awnings, landscaping and more.

The competition is open to all ratepayers of the Tweed Shire who:
1. Pay in full all outstanding rates and charges by the due date 31 August 2019.
2. Being an entitled pensioner, pay in full all rates and charges and complete the pensioner concession form by the due date 31 August 2019.

Tweed Councillors, Council Executive staff and Revenue staff are not eligible for inclusion in the prize draw. No correspondence will be entered into before or after the draws. The prizes will be drawn at a Council Meeting in September 2019. The prize winners will be notified in writing and a public notice advertisement will appear in the Tweed Link after the draws.

The scheme is run to the benefit of all ratepayers as by receiving the rate income early Council is able to invest those funds and provide some of its services through the interest earned on the advanced payment of rates. This benefits all ratepayers as it means that Council can, in essence subsidise its rates, fees and charges by the amount received in interest income. If the scheme were to be abolished and ratepayers no longer paid their rates in advance it would mean that Council would need to raise additional income through other means to balance the budget and thus affecting all ratepayers.

In recognition of those ratepayers who elect to pay their rates in full in advance and forgo their own opportunity benefits of interest, Council offers a range of prizes. The competition is open to all ratepayers of the Tweed Shire who pay in full and in advance all outstanding rates and charges by the 1st instalment due date. Tweed Councillors, Council senior officers, Revenue and Recovery and IT staff will not be eligible for inclusion in the prize draw. No correspondence will be entered into prior to or after the draws. The prizes will be drawn at the first Ordinary Council Meeting after the 1st instalment due date. The prize winners will be notified in writing and a public notice advertisement will appear in the "Tweed Link" after the draws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have payment deducted from my pension or Centrelink payment?
No.  Council has explored the Centrepay option and determined not to offer this payment option at this point in time.
Do postponed rates appear on a 603 Certificate search?
Yes it does appear on the 603 Certificate as it is a debt against the property.
Can I use an old rates notice to pay?
Old rates notices are accepted at Australia Post to make payment.  Also  old rates notices can be used to source reference numbers for Post Bill Pay and BPay.
Although care should be taken to use previous rates notices to pay for land rates and water notices to pay for water rates.
I have over paid my rates, can I transfer the amount onto my water account? (vice versa)
Yes.  Please contact Council on (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872 to make these arrangements
I am a tenant responsible for paying water charges, can I arrange a Direct Debit or payment arrangement?
Yes.  Tenants can arrange for their water charges to be direct debited from their bank account or set up a payment arrangement.  However, due to Privacy laws, Council cannot provide information in regards to the account to anyone other than the property owner unless there is an Rates Account Authority (60kB PDF)  completed.
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