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In addition to your rates (Ordinary Rate), there are several specific Service Charges to applicable properties for the provision of various essential services to the property including water, sewer and waste. The below information provides a breakdown of the various charges and what they are for.

Water Access Charge

Applies to all land that is within 225 metres of a water main and able to be connected (whether connected or not). These fees go towards maintaining the dams and weirs, reservoirs, pumping stations, mains, water treatment plants, consumer services (meters, boxes, valves) and fund management.

Sewerage Access Charge

Applies to all land that is within 75 metres of a sewerage main and able to be connected (whether connected or not). These fees go towards maintaining the sewer mains, pumping stations, treatment plants and fund management.

On Site Sewerage Management Fee (OSSM)

Applies to properties with an On-Site Sewage Management System to issue the necessary approvals to operate and to ensure basic operational standards for onsite management systems are maintained, as per the State Government Program requirements. Council’s strategy to improve the management of on-site sewage systems is to protect the community by inspecting and monitoring the health and environmental risks of these systems. For more information see On-Site Sewage Management.

Domestic Waste Management Charges

The Domestic Waste Management Charges are levied against all residential land within the service area, and farmland with a waste management service. The funds are committed to future costs relating to garbage collection, acquisition of land for future garbage depots, financial assurance, landfill environmental management, waste disposal technology and environmental impact studies.

Tweed Shire Council collects residential waste and recyclables, and have two different bin collection systems for Tweed residents:

  • A 3 Bin System collection service fopr urban houses and duplexes, being a green bin (organics), yellow bin (recycling) or red bin (landfill) service.
  • A collection system for multi-unit developments (with more than two units) and rural residences.

Red Bin – Landfill
80L,140L or 240L red lid bin for the collection of items that cannot be reused, recycled or composted. These items go to landfill – different charges apply dependent on service.

Yellow Bin – Recycling
240L and 360L yellow lid bin for the collection of recyclables (glass bottles/ jars, firm plastic bottles and containers, metal/aluminium cans, paper products, newspaper and long-life cartons) – different charges apply dependent on service.

Green Bin – Organics (food and graden waste)
240L green lid bin for the collection of organics (all food scraps, garden waste, tissues, food-soiled paper products, newspaper and raw paper products). Available for residents and commercial properties within the current urban service area – different charges apply dependent on service.

Waste Management Administration Charge

The Waste Management Administration Charge is applicable to all residential and farmland properties that receive a waste service. The Waste Management Administration Charge is not applicable to business rated properties. Commercial garbage charges are higher than residential charges and include a management component. Commercial garbage is subject to GST. Commercial customers are free to engage garbage services from other providers other than Council garbage contractor. For commercial waste information see Waste Reduction for Business. The fee for 2018/20189is $69.80.

The garbage admin charge assists with the cost of the following garbage related expenses:

  • Land rehabilitation
  • Roadworks relating to garbage collection
  • Acquisition of land for future garbage depots
  • Financial assurance
  • Provision of landfill environmental management
  • lmplement waste disposal technology - software and capital equipment
  • Provision for Management Plan - planning for future waste strategies eg. Bin systems, collection strategies, E-recycling (computer, electronic equipment)

Landfill Management Charge

The purpose of the Landfill Management Charge is to partially assist with the cost of the provision of funds for the establishment of future landfills, covering the cost of current landfill operations and the remediation of past, current and future landfills and to minimise their environmental impact. This charge is levied against all rateable properties in the Tweed in accordance with Section 501A of the Local Government Act.

In the NSW Government's November 2008 Mini Budget, it was decided that all landfills in the Rural Regulated Area would be subject to the Waste and Environment Levy, effective 1 July 2009. Tweed Shire Council's Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre will be subject to this levy, which adds $10 per tonne to gate fees for landfill materials for the first year and then an additional $10 per tonne each year for the next six years.

The levy will be collected by Council and remitted to the State Government each month, and will affect general waste, builder's waste, commercial waste, clean fill and contaminated waste.

As small vehicles, cars, trailers and utes are not weighed at the weighbridge, the State Government has attributed conversion factors which will add the equivalent of $3 to every ute or trailer load of waste materials for the first year. Car/Station Wagon charges will increase by a flat rate of 60 cents (plus the CPI increase for the new financial year). The reasoning behind the State Government levy is to provide an economic incentive to reduce waste disposal and increase greater recycling and resource recovery. Residents wishing to query the NSW State Government Waste and Environment Levy can call the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change on 131 555.

Special Rate - Koala Beach

Applies to all land within the Koala Beach Estate. The Local Government Act, 1993 states a Council may make a Special Rate for or towards meeting the cost of any works, services, and facilities provided or undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by Council within the whole or any part of the Council’s area. The Local Environmental Study for Koala Beach identified a number of environmental values for the property, including areas of significant koala habitat. As a result, Council agreed to the rezoning of land for urban development subject to the protection of those values. That area is now being developed in accordance with those requirements. To the benefit of those who have subsequently purchased residential allotments, the responsibilities for the protection of the environmental values at Koala Beach does not cease with the completion of construction. There is an ongoing financial requirement to be met by the residents of Koala Beach as part of the responsibility for the release of urban land at Koala Beach in the first place. This special rate will provide for that activity. The amount will be collected from the residents of Koala Beach Estate annually for the intrinsic value of the koalas and their environmental habitat and will be expended for regulatory, educational and some specialised maintenance functions. Whilst this activity and its funding as a special rate only relates to the Koala Beach Estate it appears in the submission because of the “rate capping” process.

In February 1995 the rezoning of the Koala Beach site was gazetted setting aside approximately 89 hectares of a 360-hectare site for urban development (915 dwellings). Approximately 248 hectares of the site was zoned Habitat Protection. An Environmental Study, Fauna Impact Statement and Koala Management Plan highlighted a number of management issues, which result from the urban development of the site. The proximity of over 900 dwellings adjacent to an area with demonstrated high conservation value clearly had the potential to significantly compromise the longterm ecological integrity of the adjoining natural areas. Therefore it is to the benefit of the wider community that Tweed Shire Council allocates Human and Financial Resources to the community Koala Management Committee for the purpose of maintaining and managing environmentally significant areas of the Koala Beach site. For more information see Koala Beach Estate.

Special Rate - Cobaki

The Cobaki Environmental Special Rate enables Council to fund the long term maintenance and management of environmental protection lands, and ongoing minor restoration works within a development at Cobaki Lakes. This will include ongoing monitoring and reporting (fauna and water) and management actions which include pest control, animal control and fencing.

Council is to forward the additional funds to the developer for these purposes for the first five years (estimated) of the project, after which these activities and funding are expected to revert to the council.
The special variation will not impact existing ratepayers. It will only apply, as a special rate, to future ratepayers within Cobaki Lakes which is yet to be developed.

Council made the existing community aware of these issues both in reviewing its Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) documents and in preparing its application (436kB PDF).

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