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Your rates notice includes a list of service charges for your property. These are explained below:

Water access charge

Applies to all land within 225 metres of a water main and able to be connected (whether connected or not). These fees help maintain our water network (treatment plants, dams, pump stations and pipes) and consumer services (meters and boxes).

Sewerage access charge

Applies to all land within 75 metres of a sewerage main and able to be connected (whether connected or not). These fees help maintain our sewer mains, pumping stations and treatment plants.

On site sewerage management fee

Applies to properties with an on-site sewage management system. Council regularly inspects and monitors the health and environmental risks of these systems. See On-Site Sewage Management.

Domestic waste management charges

Applies to residential land within the service area, and farmland with a waste management service. The funds are committed to waste collection, land for future garbage depots, financial assurance, landfill environmental management, waste disposal technology, and environmental impact studies.

Council provides two bin collection services:

  • urban houses and duplexes
  • multi-unit developments (more than two units) and rural residences

Different charges apply depending on your bin size and service:

Red bin (landfill)

(80L,140L or 240L bins)

For items that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.

Yellow bin (recycling)

(140L, 240L and 360L bins)

For items such as glass bottles, paper, cardboard and aluminium cans.

Green bin (organics - food and garden waste)

(140L and 240L bins)

For items such as food scraps, garden waste and newspaper (only available for residents and commercial properties in the urban service area).

Waste Management Administration Charge

The Waste Management Administration Charge is applicable to all residential and farmland properties that receive a waste service. The Waste Management Administration Charge is not applicable to business rated properties. Commercial garbage charges are higher than residential charges and include a management component. Commercial garbage is subject to GST. Commercial customers are free to engage garbage services from other providers other than Council garbage contractor. For commercial waste information see Waste Reduction for Business. The fee for 2018/2019 is $69.80.

The garbage admin charge assists with the cost of the following garbage related expenses:

  • Land rehabilitation
  • Roadworks relating to garbage collection
  • Acquisition of land for future garbage depots
  • Financial assurance
  • Provision of landfill environmental management
  • lmplement waste disposal technology - software and capital equipment
  • Provision for Management Plan - planning for future waste strategies eg. Bin systems, collection strategies, E-recycling (computer, electronic equipment)

Landfill management charge

Helps cover the cost of landfill operations and the remediation of past, current and future landfills to minimise environmental impact.

Special rate - Koala Beach Estate

Residents of the Koala Beach Estate provide ongoing funding for local nature conservation through this special rate.

Special rate - Cobaki Lakes

Residents of Cobaki Lakes provide ongoing funding for environmental management and restoration works through this special rate.

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