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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Get the facts from the NSW Government. View Council's response to COVID-19 and the impact to services and facilities.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Follow NSW Government advice (external link) for the latest information on what you can and can't do under the rules, including public gatherings.

Social distancing measures must be maintained, and if the park or equipment is at capacity you can either wait or come back later.

To find out more about Council’s services and support during the pandemic, visit our COVID-19 Dashboard (external link).

The Tweed offers a diverse network of parks and open spaces that provide a range of sport, recreation and nature based recreation experiences.

Parks and open spaces are the places we go to picnic with our family and friends, play sport, socialise, walk, cycle, sit at lunchtime, host weddings, events and festivals and encounter nature. Open spaces add to the amenity, character and identity of our towns and villages and provide areas to celebrate our heritage and culture.

Tweed's open space network brings great benefit to our community by enhancing the health and well-being of our residents, protecting and conserving natural and cultural heritage, and is a significant tourism asset to our local and regional economies.

View our Find a Park, Garden or Reserve page to search for a park near you and the facilities available. Parks and open spaces are to be shared with the general public, there is no exclusive use.

Open Space Strategy and Implementation Plan

The Open Space Strategy 2019-2029 and Implementation Plan was adopted by Council on the 15 August 2019.

For the purpose of the strategy public open space may include:

  • parks (including foreshore reserves)
  • sports fields and courts
  • natural areas such as bushland area, coastal areas, some foreshore reserves, wetlands, salt marshes and estuaries
  • open space corridors for tracks, tails and pathways
  • civic open spaces including streetscapes
  • land reserved for infrastructure (e.g. drainage, road reserve or as a utility easement) where opportunities for recreation, the protection of biodiversity values and visual amenity are also provided.

The Strategy sets the vision for the future of open space and provides the overarching framework and strategic direction for public open space planning in the Tweed Shire for the next 10 years. The Implementation Plan is presented as a separate document to the Strategy and will guide the delivery of the Open Space Strategy 2019-2029.

Dog friendly parks

The Tweed has various open space available for walking your pets in a leash-free environment. For locations of off leash areas please see Where can I walk my dog?

Casual park hire

Casual Park Hire is intended for low level, structured activities. This can include but is not limited to wedding ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies or memorial ceremonies. Casual Park Hire does not allow exclusive use and the area must be shared with other park users. Mowing is on a maintenance schedule and Casual Park Hire does not mean a park will be mown for a ceremony. Maintenance schedules vary from park to park due to location, general usage, weather conditions and budget.

Before organising your activity consider the impact on nearby residents and other park users. Loud music, excessive noise or inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted. Activities such as wedding receptions, 18 and 21 birthday parties or other events with the potential to create a disturbance will not be licensed.

Under a Casual Park Hire Application there are guidelines that must be adhered to. Please read Rules and Conditions (121kB PDF) before making your booking. If you are thinking of having your wedding ceremony in one of Council's parks or beaches then the Guidelines to Wedding Applications (48kB PDF) will assist with your application process. Individual replies to applications will not be received. Please refer to the Rules and Conditions for information regarding the application process.

Applications must be accompanied with the relevant non refundable fee and received by Council at least 10 weeks prior to your event. Emailed applications can take up to 30 working day to receive an invoice. A minimum of 10 working days is required to process paid applications. Please see the Tweed Shire Council Fees and Charges for current rate.

To avoid disappointment it is advisable to check the availability of your chosen location prior to submitting your application. The Popular Locations (3.06mB PDF) will assist with area selection and advise of any specific conditions that apply. Some areas are popular during school holiday periods. Council's mapping can assist with finding locations

A tentative booking can be made over the phone to ensure the location is secure for the application to be received. Bookings are in NSW time and daylight savings needs to be considered. If an application has not been submitted within 2 weeks of the tentative booking being made then it will automatically be cancelled and made available for the next applicant.

If you have a booking or an approval which you no longer require, please advise Council in writing of the cancellation.

Council can be contacted on 02 6670 2400 or

Not approved under Casual Park Hire

Personal trainers, bootcamps and team building activities

A licensing system has been introduced for personal trainers, bootcamps and team building activity providers who use public land, including parks, beaches, reserves and sports fields managed by Tweed Shire Council.

The licensing system applies to commercial group exercise or team building activities. Not for profit groups, sporting clubs and the like are not required to obtain a Commercial Park Use licence.

Trainers leading groups of 6 or more people on a commercial basis using public land in Tweed Shire will need to obtain a licence. Trainers leading groups of 5 or less are not required to obtain a licence, but are still required to adhere to the same guidelines.

To view the policy, operating guidelines and how to apply for a licence, see Commercial Recreation Activities on Public Open Space page for further information.

Small to medium community event licence requests

This application applies ONLY to small and medium community events that provide for the physical cultural and intellectual welfare of the community or encourage the recreational use of the land by local residents and visitors. Applications for Small to Medium Community Events (411kB PDF) are required a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your event however, several months in advance is preferrable.

Prior to completing this form, please consider the five questions asked in the application to determine whether your event is a “Small to Medium" Community Event. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you will need to contact Council’s Development Assessment Unit on (02) 6670 2400 to discuss your proposal further.

Some events will require a bond against damage to be paid prior to the event. For a full bond refund please ensure that there is no damage to the the area or premises hired. Please submit Refund of Bond Against Hire Damage (67kB PDF) form for assessment of your refund of bond immediately after your event.

For community health services such as Blood Donation or Breast Screening etc, on Council owned or managed land, complete the Community Health Service Licence Application Form (107kB PDF) application form.

Helicopter landings on public land

Council does not allow helicopter landings on public open space in the Tweed, including parks, beaches and sports fields. The only times such landings are considered is for:

  • approved community events, filming activities and the like
  • operational requirements as identified for Council or related public authorities.

Private, recreational or business needs are not valid reasons and will not be approved.

Public access through a park

Council will not approve regular access through a park for members of the public to gain access for the purpose of garaging vehicles and boats, as residential properties have dedicated access from their road frontage. However, on some occasions Council will permit temporary access to assist property owners with the delivery of building materials, landscaping or similar circumstances.

Park keys will not be provided under any circumstance. Approvals must be sought prior to making any other arrangements. Please submit Temporary Access to Council Land (40kB PDF) a minimum of 10 working days prior to access. Submission of application means that you are in agreeance to the general conditions and any special conditions where required. An approval will be issued listing conditions regarding access.

Naming of parks and gardens

Council requires an application for the naming of Public Parks under our control, to be in writing. Council’s Naming of Council Public Parks and Sportsfields Policy (46kB PDF) sets out the criteria required for applying to have a public park or garden named.


We have 86 playgrounds throughout the Tweed, search for playgrounds in an area near you. Our parks are maintained on a scheduled routine basis. If you have any concerns about the state of the play equipment in one of Council's parks please contact us.

Requests for shade over playgrounds

Unfortunately, Council's experience with shade structures has not been positive. Due to minimum clearance requirements under the Australian Standards, the shade structures are necessarily tall, spreading structures. A number of styles and manufacturers have been tested throughout the shire, but to date all have worn poorly, coming loose and tearing from their attachments under strong winds. The shade structures have also proven to be an irresistible target for vandals creating a high demand on maintenance.

Shade has been considered in the design of new playground areas such as Uki, Pottsville and Kingscliff with extensive planting of shade trees around the playgrounds. Whilst mature trees have been utilised in the plantings, it is acknowledged that it will take some time before full shade is provided.

Memorial plaques and seats in parks

Council regularly receives requests for the placement of plaques in areas that were of significance to lost friends and loved ones. Whilst Council sympathises with the loss, and understands the desire to remember people at places of significance to them, it is not felt appropriate to have numerous individual memorials placed throughout public reserves and parks.

Council adopted the Private Memorials in Public Parks and Natural Areas Policy (55kB PDF) policy in November 2018. As per the policy, Council will remove existing, unapproved memorials from June 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

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