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Council's Planning Reforms Unit has primary responsibility for managing new planning policy initiatives for Tweed Shire Council. The Unit is required to balance the complex demands of emerging State Government Planning Reforms legislation and policy directions, the need to continually update and improve Council's local strategies, plans and policies, as well as the processing of an increasing number of development driven planning (rezoning) proposals.

To view Council's Planning Reforms Unit workplan, please visit the Strategic Land Use Planning page.

Council is currently developing a number of forward land use plans.

Further detail on the main projects is also provided below. Please click on the headings below to view the desired information.


Building Height Workshops

Council recently ran a series of Building Height Workshops at Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Kingscliff and Pottsville to provide further clarity and education around the way building height is now defined and measured since the implementation of the NSW Government’s Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plan) Order 2006 (Standard Template LEP).

This is in the context of legislative changes through the gazettal of Tweed City LEP 2012 and Tweed LEP 2014 which redefined the way in which building height is defined and measured. The main change is that building height, in planning terms, is now measured in meters instead of storeys.

The intent of the series of education workshops was to provide clarity and information around building height information. This information will then enable the community to have a clearer idea of what building height means in their local area and thereby be able to have a more informed conversations and input into local planning issues.

As part of the workshop an audio-visual presentation has been prepared, along with a series of fact sheets which describes the background history of building height in the Tweed as well as providing practical guides of how building height is defined and measured today. Both the presentation and factsheets can be downloaded below.

If you have any further enquiries please contact Council’s Strategic Planning and Urban Design team on (02) 6670 2503.

Building Height Workshop Factsheet (1.17mB PDF)
Video of Narrated Powerpoint Presentation (70.77mB WMV)

Shirewide Planning

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Rural Land Strategy
Rural Villages Strategy

Locality Planning

A key part of Council’s strategic land use planning is the detailed review and development of locality plans to guide future growth which is compatible with the community’s vision for the locality.

A locality plan generally involves detailed site analysis and assessment, extensive community consultation, development of a vision for the locality and development controls aimed at achieving that vision.

A number of locality plans have been completed: Pottsville; Hastings Point; Cabarita Beach. These can be found under the Tweed Development Control Plan (DCP).

Fingal Heads Height of Buildings Review
Kingscliff Locality Plan

Planning Proposals

A request to amend the zoning of land or the development standards applying to land is known as a Planning Proposal and is undertaken through the Gateway Process under the NSW planning legislation. The Department’s website outlines the process and is supported by a Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals

An online tracking system is available for any person to follow the progress of a Planning Proposal once it has been submitted to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure by Council.

The Tweed Shire Council Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals (265kB PDF) builds upon the Department's guide to include the Tweed processes.

The Council's Planning Unit Workplan and Priorities is adopted by Council annually. Anyone considering a new or an amendment to the Tweed Local Environmental Plan (LEP) or requiring further information on the plan making process should contact staff of Council's Planning Unit on (02) 6670 2400.

Current Planning Proposals

PP15/0005 - Short-term Rental Accommodation
Draft Tweed LEP 2014 No. 19: Winchelsea Way

Completed Planning Proposals

Information relating to older completed planning proposals may be tracked on the NSW Planning and Environment website.

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