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Completion of this major project saw the ageing drainage network and water reticulation system beneath Murwillumbah's central business district upgraded, new kerb and gutter and partial footpath replacement from Queen Street to Queensland Road and optic fibre conduit installed from Queen Street to the Museum on Queensland Road.

The old stormwater drainage system beneath the CBD was inefficient, prone to blockage, at times created an odour due to stagnant water and had some infrastructure located on private property.

When Council completed stages 3 and 4 of the upgrade ahead of schedule on 13 November 2015, it marked the end of 10 years' work to make the CBD more resilient to overland flooding in wet weather.

The project was undertaken in stages due to the constraints of the CBD environment, available funding, the trenching nature of the work and the impost that an unduly long and continual program would have had on commercial activities.

The staged delivery was:

  • Stage 1, stormwater drainage upgrade on Tumbulgum Road, Wharf Street, Commercial Road and Proudfoots Lane (completed June 2006)
  • Stage 2, stormwater drainage upgrade and water reticulation upgrade along Murwillumbah Street from Commercial Road as far as Queen Street and Queen Street to Church Lane (completed August 2009)

  • Stage 3, stormwater drainage upgrade and water reticulation upgrade along Murwillumbah Street from Queen Street to Brisbane Street (completed November 2015)
  • Stage 4, stormwater drainage upgrade and water reticulation upgrade along Murwillumbah Street from Brisbane Street to 20 metres west of Queensland Road (originally scheduled for delivery in 2016 but completed in November 2015 due to Stage 3 works being delivered ahead of schedule).

The old drainage system that was replaced was built more than 80 years over an existing open drain. In some places, the drain was large enough to stand in and in others you could see the wooden floorboards of the shops above.

Work to complete Stages 3 and 4 of the upgrade started on Tuesday 1 September 2015, with Council committing to be out of the CBD by Friday 4 December ahead of the Christmas trading period.

During the 10½ weeks of construction, the crew uncovered several historic structures - including a timber culvert and intact timber bridge - which were photographed and recorded in compliance with heritage legislation before works proceeded.

In total, the crew delivered in excess of the project scope by:

  • laying 196 (480 metres) drainage pipes – 22 pipes more than planned
  • construction of 46 drainage pits -24 more than planned (after uncovering the true extent and condition of the existing network)

  • laying 93 (510 metres) water reticulation pipes
  • laying 87 (520 metres) optic fibre conduit lengths

  • constructing 300 metres of kerb and gutter, and
  • repairing 275 metres of footpath.

The benefits of the project include:

  • new water main and stormwater drainage systems with full 80-100 year life expectancy increased water reticulation capacity
  • increased stormwater drainage capacity, reducing the incidence of overland flow and localised flooding

  • reduced odour issues from stagnant water and sewage infiltration

  • easier access for future maintenance as private property drainage outlets will be relocated to new council-owned access pits on the road reserve, and

  • better future planning and execution of works due to the mapping of underground obstructions and obsolete infrastructure.

The crew that delivered the project was awarded Council's Service and Productivity Excellence Award 2015 for Customer Service for the way in which they worked with the business community, setting a new benchmark for outstanding customer service.

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