Master planning process for Wardrop Community Village begins

Consultation with Community Reference Group then wider community

Friday 15 May, 2020

The initial design phase of the Wardrop Community Village project - including the preparation of a draft site masterplan and some indicative concepts for housing design - is now underway. 

The Wardrop Community Village project seeks to investigate the potential of Council to undertake a financially and environmentally sustainable development to respond to the urgent need for more low-cost and affordable rental housing within the region. 

The Council-owned site is located along Wardrop Valley Road and adjoins the Murwillumbah Industry Central Estate, approximately five kilometres to the south-east of the Murwillumbah town centre. 

As part of the first draft of the Wardrop Community Village Masterplan, design consultant Diecke Richards has sought to further refine the original conceptual design to a level where preliminary costings could be carried out. 

Council will now consult with a community reference group before finalising concepts and undertaking wider community consultation.

The community reference group was appointed in March following an open expression of interest process. It includes representatives from a number of housing organisations such as North Coast Community Housing, Social Futures, Momentum Collective and The Family Centre, as well as a number of community members. The Councillor representatives on the group are Mayor of Tweed, Councillor Katie Milne and Councillor Ron Cooper.

The process of refining and developing the concept masterplan will be used to develop the business and management planning stage of the project, which will determine detailed costings for all elements and the financial viability of the project. 

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