Bumper first day at the newly revamped Tip Shop

It was almost a sell-out on day one with 147 items sold

Thursday 14 November, 2019

After only one day of trade, the revamped Tip Shop at the Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre had an extremely busy day, with people flowing through the doors all day to pick up some bargains and find their treasures. 

A huge number of customers poured through the doors and were impressed by the easy to access and neatly presented stock. An incredible 147 items were sold on the first day of opening, the majority of those being house and garden equipment.

Comments from customers on the first day included, "what you have done is fantastic, it's so clean and easy to see everything now", "we will definitely be back more often now, it looks great", and "it's great to have the tools and building materials for sale".

Council's Director Sustainable Communities and Environment Tracey Stinson said it's been great to get this positive response from the community and to see Council moving closer to its 'zero waste' or 'no waste to landfill' target. 

"Council is shifting from 'waste management' to a 'resource recovery' model and planning for the long term," Ms Stinson said.
"The goal is to reach a 'circular economy', which means keeping material and products in use, maintaining the value of resources at end‐of life, not as unwanted, or unusable but as an asset that can be recovered and used again. 

"On the first day of opening, two circular economy champions came into the Tip Shop, one who bought numerous push bikes and the other who bought a number of lawn mowers. They plan to fix-up and re-sell these, generating a job and income for themselves and giving another lease-of-life to these items that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

"It's really great to see the community getting behind the re-use and recycle movement and it's especially significant during National Recycling Week this week," she said.

Visit the waste team at Tweed City Shopping Centre as part of National Recycling Week (11 - 17 November). North East Waste will be at Tweed City (by the food court), 'Wiping Out Waste' as part of National Recycling Week on Saturday 16 November from 9am to 4pm. Come and talk all things rubbish while the kids decorate a reusable bag.
Find out answers to those tricky recycling items and the 'Recycling Right' routines that help keep our recycling in the loop. Grab some free liners for your organics bin so you can keep recycling those food scraps (while supplies last).

Find out more about recycling and reducing waste at www.tweed.nsw.gov.au/RecyclingReducing or for information about the Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre Tip Shop visit, www.tweed.nsw.gov.au/ResourceRecovery