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Knox Park in Murwillumbah is undergoing a major makeover during the next few years, after Council received Federal Government funding for a youth precinct.

Currently catering to the daily social needs of young people, there is the capacity to cater for local skate events and youth related programs.

This is expected to encourage greater use of the park, particularly by young people and their families, and directly address safety concerns raised by young people and the wider community during the community consultation process.

Current Status

Knox Park Master Plan was designed with the information garnered from the community consultation and Youth Stategy and Action Plan. Further information about this can be found under History. New funding has made the current works possible.

To view the Knox Park Master Plan Design click Knox Park Master Plan Design Draft (1.72mB PDF)

Current Works

There are no current works. Works may commence for the Brisbane/Wollumbin Street Entry Plaza around mid 2019.

Future Works

Brisbane/Wollumbin Street Entry Plaza - to provide a prominent entry to Knox Park that is welcoming and functional for residents and visitors. This area could include public art and civic structures such as a clock tower and community notice board. The bus shelters and seating will be upgraded to encourage the use of public transport. The plaza will require the removal of a small number of car parks.

Boulevard and Avenue Tree Planting - extends the entryway plaza into the park. Shaded seating is proposed along the length of a wide and accessible pathway which could accommodate weekend or night markets.

Condong/Nullum Street Entry Plaza - connecting Knox Park to nearby schools and residential areas. This will link to the central spine path and encourage access through the park and increase passive surveillance.

Stage Area - an events stage and shelter with power and lighting near the skate park park plaza and large open central space. The permanent stage structure can host music or showcase events.

Completed Works

Upgraded Toilet Facility - the dated toilet facilities in Brisbane Street and Nullum Street will be demolished and replaced with a modern facility fully compliant with current access requirements. Works are to commence on Tuesday 4 September and estimated to be completed around Christmas 2018, weather permitting.

Nullum Street Entryway - connecting Knox Park to nearby schools and residential areas. This will link to the central spine path and encourage access through the park and increase passive surveillance. Works commenced on Monday 6 August and were completed by Friday 7 September 2018.

Removal of Existing Playground - located between the croquet club and the Red Cross Building will be replaced by the adventure playground.

Adventure Playground - using the existing mature trees for shade and designed to engage children in imaginative play that interacts with the natural surroundings. Play elements cater for a wide age range, from toddlers to teenagers, in different play areas. The playground is designed to provide sight lines through the park.

Picnic Shelters and Barbecue Facilities - at the entryway to the adventure playground and open space grassed area for play. This is to encourage more family and group participation.

Youth Precinct Skate Plaza - replaces the dated skate facility. It is a modern facility with elements catering to all ages and levels of skill.

Half Basketball Court - situated next to the skate plaza provides an additional facility for youth, along with informal seating.

Large Central Open Space - this is for big events such as a travelling circus or World Environment Day.

The Knox Park playground was opened to the public on Saturday 3 October 2015 with the youth precinct skate plaza following later in December. The official open was on Thursday 14 April 2016 as part of National Youth Week activities.


In 2007, Council engaged consultant Architectus to produce a development control plan for the Murwillumbah town centre, including Knox Park. This process involved comprehensive consultation, including community and stakeholder workshops. Expanding on this consultation, Council officers from Recreation Serivces and Community and Cultural Services engaged with numerous stakeholder groups and key service providers, including police, and discussed the issues of concern and design options to make Knox Park safe and more functional. Youth representatives were also engaged, through the development of Council's draft Youth Strategy and Action Plan.

Youth Strategy and Action Plan

A draft Tweed Youth Strategy and Action Plan, created in 2012 after considerable consultation with young people, identified Knox Park as a key location in Murwillumbah that needed considerable improvement.

A project team of 10 participants mapped their vision of an upgraded Knox Park - which included a skate plaza concept and adventure park.

Overall Master Plan

An overall master plan for Knox Park (including the youth precinct) was developed in consultation with the community.

With the infromation ensuing from the comminity consultation, Council has prepared a master plan for the redevelopment of Knox Park, to better establish the park as a social hub for hte district.

Knox Park is a community facility close to hte Murwillumbah central business district but its outdated structure and aged infrastructure lend themsleves to anit-social behaviour that has contributed to a negative reputation and an underutilisation by most to the local community. The master plan addresses structural issues that foster anti-social activities and identifies layout improvements which, in combination with new infrastructure, will encourage greater use by locals and visitors.

For the youth precinct to be successful, it is critical its location and design is considered in the context of a master plan for hte whole park.

Public safety was one of the main themes to emerge throughout the consultation. The draft Knox Park Master Plan uses Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTEDD) principles to make the park safer, by increasing opportunities for casual surveillance and activating the park by encouraging greater use. This is achieved primarily by opening vistas through the park, increasing accessiblity, reducing opportunities for concealment and provision of new facilities which will increase visitation.

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