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Community members have until Friday, 11 January to submit a proposal for the future use of the Kingscliff Communications Tower located within Crown Reserve 10001008, Faulks Park Kingscliff.

Kingscliff Communications Tower The proposal must address the following criteria:
  1. Alignment with the existing permissible land uses and the Tweed Coast Regional Crown Reserve Plan of Management 2006
  2. Incorporate aspects of local community water safety and/or training, and
  3. Address the financial implications of the proposal.

Permissible Land Use

The land is zoned RE1 Public Recreation, which has the following permissions:
  1. Objectives of zone

    • To enable land to be used for public open space or recreational purposes.
    • To provide a range of recreational settings and activities and compatible land uses.
    • To protect and enhance the natural environment for recreational purposes.

  2. Permitted without consent
    Environmental facilities; Environmental protection works

  3. Permitted with consent
    Agriculture; Biosolids treatment facilities; Boat launching ramps; Boat sheds; Camping grounds; Car parks; Caravan parks; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Centre-based child care facilities; Community facilities; Emergency services facilities; Entertainment facilities; Flood mitigation works; Forestry; Heliports; Industrial training facilities; Information and education facilities; Jetties; Kiosks; Marinas; Markets; Mooring pens; Moorings; Passenger transport facilities; Places of public worship; Public administration buildings; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (indoor); Recreation facilities (major); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Research stations; Resource recovery facilities; Respite day care centres; Restaurants or cafes; Roads; Roadside stalls; Sewage treatment plants; Signage; Take away food and drink premises; Waste disposal facilities; Water recreation structures; Water recycling facilities; Water supply systems; Wharf or boating facilities
The two-storey besser block structure is serviced by both reticulated water and sewerage, is basic in design, with access to the upper storey via a small stairwell. The existing stairwell design impedes the upper storey being converted to open public access.

Kingscliff Communications Tower Ground FloorGround Floor Design Kingscliff Communications Tower First FloorFirst Floor Design

This information is also available on page 384 of the Tweed Shire Council Report from 25 October 2018, which can be accessed through our Council Meetings page.

All submissions are to be addressed to:
Troy Green, General Manager Tweed Shire Council, PO Box 186 Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
or emailed to tsc@tweed,nsw,, marked to the attention of Doreen Harwood by Friday, 11 January 2019.

Please contact Doreen Harwood on (02) 6670 2622 for further information.

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