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Where is Kings Forest located?

The Kings Forest site is located on the far north coast of NSW, approximately 20km south of the Queensland and NSW border. Bogangar and Cabarita Beach lie to the south of the site beyond Cudgen Lake which abuts the site to the south-east. Cudgen and Kingscliff lie to the north. Casuarina lies to the east of the site across the Tweed Coast Road. Cudgen Nature Reserve adjoins the site on the eastern perimeter (Figure 1).

Tweed Coast Road, a Council responsibility, runs north to south, to the east of the site and is the primary arterial road connecting to the development. The RTA controlled Pacific Highway runs to the west of the site, no access to this road is proposed.

See Kings Forest Locality Plan (157kB PDF)

Background to the Part 3A Approval by the State Government

Kings Forest is identified within the State Government’s Far North Coast Regional Strategy and Council’s own adopted “Tweed Urban and Employment Lands Release Strategy 2009” as one of the largest contributors for the provision of new housing and employment within the Tweed Shire over the next 25 year time period.

In November 2006 Kings Forest was listed as a State Significant Site under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005. This had the effect of nominating the applicable zoning which applies to the whole site as well as nominating specific controls which affect all future development at the King Forest site.

See Kings Forest Zoning Plan (542kB PDF)

Following the State Significant Site declaration and the inclusion of Kings Forest in Schedule 3 of the Major Projects SEPP, the development proponents LEDA Manorstead Pty Ltd requested the NSW Minister for Planning to authorise lodgement of a Concept Plan for the urban and recreational development of the site. The NSW Minister for the Planning took over the role as the consent authority for the assessment of the initial concept plan and the initial project applications under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Part 3A process is quite different to the local development consent role that NSW Councils such as the Tweed Shire Council generally administer. Apart from the zoning changes, the main form of planning and environmental assessment was managed by the NSW Department of Planning. The development proponents submitted Concept Plans which were publicly submitted, and required substantial liaison with Tweed Shire Council.

On the 9 January 2007, the Minister authorised the lodgement of a Concept Plan for the Kings Forest site.

What development is proposed as part of the Concept Plan

  • A new mixed, residential, commercial, community use redevelopment;
  • Fourteen (14) residential precincts with a mix of housing types including town houses, terraces, plexes, zero lot dwellings, and traditional detached dwellings comprising 4,500 dwellings (a new population of over 11,000 residents) covering approximately 437 hectares of net developable land;
  • A mixed use Town Centre and two Neighbourhood Centres with building heights of 2-3 storeys with a combined land area of approximately 10 hectares;
  • Community and education facilities over 12.7 hectares of land;
  • Employment land covering 3.4 hectares of land;
  • A golf course covering 69 hectares of land that also acts as a buffer between the environmental protection areas and the residential development;
  • Active open space areas (approximately 17 hectares) and passive open space areas;
  • Environmental protection areas covering 300 hectares of land;
  • Access network of roads, public transport routes and pedestrian/cycle paths;
  • Landscaping and vegetation management;
  • Water management areas and lakes; and
  • Utility services infrastructure.
The Minister for Planning granted Part 3A approval for the Concept Plan for Kings Forest in August 2010. Modifications to the Concept Plan were then subsequently approved in December 2010 and August 2013.

See Kings Forest Concept Plan (1.24mB PDF)

Links to the approval documents can be found under the Determination documents section of the relevant NSW Planning and Infrastructure website.

As part of the Concept Plan process, the Minister approved a new site specific Development Code, which generally incorporates the main planning, subdivision and engineering controls which apply to the site.

A link to the approved Kings Forest Development Code can be found on the Determination documents section of the relevant NSW Planning and Infrastructure Major Projects (external link) website.

What development is proposed as part of the first Project Application

The approved Concept Plan provides the future framework for development but does not authorise any specific development and accordingly to undertake a future specific development proposal the applicant must apply to the NSW Minister for a Project Application. Kings Forest was granted its first Project Application in August 2013.

The approved Project Application authorised the following development:

  • Subdivision to create 10 new master lots for future development purposes.
  • Bulk earthworks across the site.
  • Roadwork’s to facilitate the development of Precinct 5 (including a revised entrance road off Tweed Coast Road).
  • Infrastructure works.
  • Development of Precinct 1 (on the eastern side of Tweed Coast Road for a Rural Supplies Development (2036m2).
  • Development of Precinct 5 to create 376 Torrens title allotments which will be capable of accommodating 425 residential dwellings across the precinct;
  • Landscaping of Precinct 1 and 5.
  • Drainage Maintenance.
  • Environmental Management and dedication of some land to National Parks Wildlife Services.
See Kings Forest Precint 5 (963kB PDF)

The entire range of plans, information and documentation for the Project Application can be viewed through the Major Projects Register - NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (external link). Copies of the lodgement documentation of these Development Application's can also be viewed through Council’s web site Property Enquiry/DA Tracker and typing the development application numbers DA11/0565.

See Kings Forest Precint 1 (1017kB PDF)

What role does Tweed Shire Council have for future Project Applications at Kings Forest

Following the initial Part 3A approvals (Concept Plan and the first project Application), it is now expected that the development assessment role will mostly be undertaken by Tweed Shire Council. Given the scale of the likely future applications, the consent authority is likely to be the Northern Region Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP), not Council. Council officers will report on these applications to the JRPP for their determination at a public meeting.
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