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Council has a significant number of policies that assist in its management and operation. All these policies are required to be adopted by Council. For planning, development and building related policies see Plans, Policies and Controls.

All of Council Policies must be reviewed within 12 months of a Council Ordinary Election.

Policies that are required by legislation must be reviewed and/or enhanced on a yearly basis or when changes to legislation are notified.

Further information can be obtained from Council’s Corporate Compliance Officer on (02) 6670 2651.

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Document TitleVersion (Date Adopted)
PDFAboriginal Statement of Commitment (63kB) v1.4 (15/11/2018)
PDFAccess and Inclusion (46kB) v1.1 (20/02/2014)
PDFAccess to Information (54kB) v1.5 (15/03/2011)
PDFAddressing - Rural and Urban (66kB) v1.0 (18/04/2013)
PDFAge Friendly Community (53kB) v1.1 (21/05/2015)
PDFAsbestos Management (77kB) v1.0 (15/06/2010)
PDFAsset Management (102kB) v1.4 (21/06/2011)
PDFAsset Management Strategy (1.13mB) v1.2 (21/06/2011)
PDFAudit, Risk and Improvement Committee Charter (101kB) v1.8 (26/10/2017)
PDFBackflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control (129kB) v2.1 (17/08/2017)
PDFBeach Vehicles (47kB) v1.2 (16/12/2008)
PDFBitumen Sealing - Contribution (45kB) v1.3 (17/08/2017)
PDFBusiness Continuity Management (71kB) v1.0 (20/04/2010)
PDFBusiness Ethics (49kB) v1.2 (20/06/2013)
PDFBusiness Investment (159kB) v2.0 (20/08/2016)
PDFCCTV - Murwillumbah and Kingscliff CBD and Tweed Heads South (183kB) v4.1 (07/07/2016)
PDFCemeteries and Private Burial (60kB) v2.0 (15/02/2018)
PDFCharity Fundraising (45kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFCode of Conduct (Model) (133kB) v2.0 (21/01/2016)
PDFCode of Conduct Administration (Procedure) (187kB) v1.0 (21/03/2013)
PDFCode of Meeting Practice (226kB) v2.6 (18/05/2017)
PDFCollection Policy - Tweed Regional Museum (84kB) v1.2 (20/06/2013)
PDFCommercial Recreation Activities on Public Open Space (185kB) v3.0 (13/12/2017)
PDFCommunications (212kB) v1.0 (15/02/2018)
PDFCommunity Engagement Strategy (4.13mB) v2.0 (02/08/2018)
PDFCommunity Halls (74kB) v1.1 (17/09/2015)
PDFCommunity Options Client Contribution (56kB) v1.1 (19/07/2011)
PDFCommunity Sponsorship (84kB) v1.1 (16/11/2017)
PDFCompanion Animals Management Plan (86kB) v1.0 (16/03/2010)
PDFCompliance (130kB) v1.0 (26/10/2017)
PDFCompliments and Complaints Handling (61kB) v1.4 (14/02/2013)
PDFContaminated Land (121kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFCorporate Sponsorship (92kB) v1.0 (19/07/2011)
PDFCorrespondence - Response to (49kB) v1.5 (19/06/2014)
PDFCouncil Utilities - Work in Proximity (51kB) v1.3 (15/02/2018)
PDFCouncillor Induction and Professional Development (310kB) v1.0 (19/07/2018)
PDFCouncillors - Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors (140kB) v2.1 (26/10/2017)
PDFCultural Plan 2018-2021 (1.85mB) v1.0 (16/11/2017)
PDFCustomer Service Charter (70kB) v1.2 (26/06/2012)
PDFDealing with Difficult People (71kB) v1.1 (20/06/2013)
PDFDeveloper Contributions and Developer Charges for Community Organisations (63kB) v2.0 (15/02/2018)
PDFDischarge of Liquid Trade Waste to the Sewerage System (314kB) v2.0 (17/09/2015)
PDFDisposal of Land (49kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFDisposal of Surplus Goods, Materials and Portable Assets (57kB) v1.1 (16/10/2014)
PDFDonations and Subsidies (45kB) v1.3 (22/04/2008)
PDFDrinking Water Quality (48kB) v1.2 (26/10/2017)
PDFDriveway Access to Property - Construction Specification (62kB) v1.1 (20/06/2013)
PDFDriveway Access to Property - Design Specification (310kB) v1.4 (18/07/2013)
PDFDrought Water Restrictions (178kB) v3.1 (17/08/2017)
PDFEasements (42kB) v1.2 (17/08/2017)
PDFEnterprise Risk Management (56kB) v2.0 (18/05/2017)
PDFEvents Sponsorship (74kB) v3.0 (16/11/2017)
PDFEvents Strategy (2.37mB) v1.0 (18/02/2016)
PDFFacility Hire and Use (51kB) v1.0 (16/08/2011)
PDFFinancial Assistance to Licensed Not for Profit Native Animal Welfare Groups (44kB) v1.0 (17/04/2012)
PDFFinancial Assistance to the Proponents of Recycled Water Schemes (55kB) v1.1 (15/02/2018)
PDFFlood Controls for Caravan Park Accommodation - Guidelines (51kB) v1.0 (11/12/2014)
PDFFlood Risk Management (105kB) v1.1 (15/02/2018)
PDFFootpath Trading Policy (103kB) v1.2 (13/11/2007)
PDFFraud Prevention (66kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFGraffiti Vandalism Management (69kB) v1.0 (20/08/2015)
PDFHomelessness (111kB) v1.0 (22/10/2015)
PDFInternal Reporting (Public Interest Disclosures) (101kB) v1.1 (19/02/2015)
PDFInvestment (605kB) v1.8 (20/02/2014)
PDFJetties and Pontoons (Private) (64kB) v1.0 (21/07/2009)
PDFLocal Government Filming (363kB) v1.0 (16/06/2009)
PDFMarkets Policy (63kB) v2.0 (18/05/2017)
PDFMayor and Councillors Interactions with Staff and Access to Council Premises (127kB) v1.0 (20/11/2014)
PDFNaming of Buildings and Facilities on Council Sportsfields (42kB) v1.0 (18/05/2010)
PDFNaming of Council Public Parks and Sportsfields (46kB) v2.0 (21/11/2013)
PDFNaming of Streets and Roads  (84kB) v1.3 (15/02/2018)
PDFNon Motorised Water Recreation Businesses and TLEP Interpretation (70kB) v1.1 (09/04/2015)
PDFOn Time Payment (45kB) v1.0 (22/01/2015)
PDFOpen Space Infrastructure (261kB) v1.0 (21/08/2002)
PDFOxley Cove Canal Estate Flood Debris Removal (53kB) v1.1 (25/09/2012)
PDFPlacemaking and Public Art Policy (59kB) v1.3 (20/02/2014)
PDFPrivacy Management Plan (348kB) v1.3 (19/09/2013)
PDFPrivate Memorials in Public Parks and Natural Areas (55kB) v1.0 (20/09/2018)
PDFProcurement Policy (80kB) v1.7 (19/04/2018)
PDFProvision of Wholesale Water Supply and Wastewater Services (81kB) v1.0 (15/02/2018)
PDFRainwater Tanks in Areas with Reticulated Water (2.68mB) v3.1 (15/02/2018)
PDFReduction of Water Related Charges due to Undetectable Leakage (63kB) v3.0 (25/10/2018)
PDFRelated Party Disclosure (62kB) v1.0 (02/02/2017)
PDFRiver Health Grants (38kB) v1.0 (19/06/2014)
PDFRiverbanks (44kB) v1.3 (15/02/2018)
PDFRoad Closures and Private Purchase (57kB) v1.2 (13/12/2012)
PDFRoadside Tributes (45kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFSecondary Employment (48kB) v1.4 (19/11/2015)
PDFSection 64 Developer Charges for Disaggregated Lots (57kB) 1.3 (21/09/2017)
PDFSports Field Wet Weather Closure (50kB) v1.0 (17/09/2015)
PDFStrategic Asset and Service Management Program (505kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFSubpoenas (83kB) v1.0 (20/06/2013)
PDFSurveillance Device Use for Compliance and Law Enforcement Activities (332kB) v1.0 (20/09/2018)
PDFSwimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program (68kB) v1.1 (03/07/2014)
PDFTweed Regional Gallery collection Accession and De-Accession Policy (51kB) v1.0 (20/09/2018)
PDFTweed Regional Gallery Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund (59kB) v1.1 (21/06/2018)
PDFTweed Regional Museum Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund (59kB) v1.1 (16/08/2018)
PDFUnauthorised Private Encroachments on Public Roads (76kB) v1.0 (19/03/2015)
PDFUnregisterable Moveable Dwellings and Annexes on Flood Liable Land (47kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFUse of Foysters Jetty for Emergency Vessel Repairs (873kB) v1.0 (17/03/2016)
PDFVegetation Vandalism on Public Land (102kB) v2.1 (19/05/2016)
PDFVending of Food on Public Reserves (44kB) v1.1 (13/11/2007)
PDFVolunteers (60kB) v2.1 (18/08/2016)
PDFWaiving of Disposal Fees - Waste Management (44kB) v2.0 (13/12/2017)
PDFWildlife Protection Areas (66kB) v2.0 (16/11/2017)
PDFYouth (54kB) v1.0 (12/08/2008)
Last Updated: 27 September 2016