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Crimson RosellaPhoto: Lindy Quin, Tilba Tilba

What can you do to help control Indian Mynas?

  • Tweed Shire Council is coordinating a program to support the community with Indian Myna control. Through this program, community members can borrow an Indian Myna trap free of charge. Contact the Tweed Shire Council Invasive Species Control Officer on (02) 6670 2778 or at
  • Feed pets indoors, or clear away when they’ve finished. Don’t leave compost or rubbish bins uncovered as Mynas like to scavenge;
  • Make sure that Indian Mynas do not have access to feed intended for your livestock. Where possible, feed livestock only as much as they need at the time, cover the feed bins and clean up any spills;
  • Block holes in roofs or eaves to prevent Mynas from roosting or nesting – make sure you don’t accidentally trap a possum, bat or other native species;
  • Restore disturbed sites with native vegetation that is local to your area will assist in providing habitat more suited to native bird species than Indian Mynas; and
  • If you use nesting boxes to encourage wildlife, try to use a nest box with a baffle or a backwards facing entry. This will allow access to small possums, gliders, small bats and some native birds while excluding common Myna birds.

Report an Indian Myna sighting

The MynaScan Community Website allows you to map sightings of introduced myna birds and the problems they are causing in your local area.

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