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In April 2002 the NSW Parliament was advised that graffiti vandalism costs NSW up to $100 million per year. At a local level, Tweed Shire Council, public authorities, businesses and private property owners devote significant resources to managing and removing graffiti vandalism. The term ‘Graffiti vandalism’ generally refers to illegally defacing private and public property with markings and/or graphics without the owner's consent.

Estimating the true cost of graffiti vandalism is complicated by the fact that many people do not report it. In addition to the monetary costs of graffiti vandalism removal and prevention, there are also the environmental and physical harms to consider. Graffiti vandalism and its removal involve chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. These same chemicals can affect the physical wellbeing of perpetrators of graffiti vandalism.

The NSW Graffiti Website is a valuable resource providing fact sheets and advice on how to remove, reduce and prevent graffiti vandalism on public and private property. This site is managed by the Crime Prevention Division of the Attorney General's Department. Rapid and continual removal of graffiti vandalism is the best way for property owners to protect their property and preserve the image of their neighbourhood. Removing graffiti within 24 to 48 hours makes removal easier and more effective and reduces the notoriety for graffiti vandals that results from having the graffiti vandalism on display.

Reporting Graffiti

Council Property

Tweed Shire Council as part of its graffiti management resolved that:

  1. Council pursues a policy of zero tolerance of graffiti.
  2. The Roads and Maritime Services be requested to do the same.
  3. The necessary advertising with a direct council contact be implemented as a matter of course to pursue this major problem in our shire.
  4. Council investigates other means within their power to incorporate facilities for graffiti artists to be considered in future budgets.

Council will remove offensive graffiti immediately. Non offensive graffiti will be removed as a part of the scheduled maintenance program.

To report any graffiti damage to public property please contact Council’s Contact Us on (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872 or you can Report a Problem online at anytime. If you witness someone putting graffiti on a property, contact police immediately.

Private Property

Council does not remove graffiti from private property. If your property is subject to graffiti vandalism you should report the matter to the local police.

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