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Email Link   How to get Development, Building and Environmental Health Advice?

Council's Website

The Planning and Buildling section provides a comprehensive range of information on the full development life cycle, with excellent, easy to use web services, such as the Property Enquiry/DA Tracker search (great for gaining customised information and mapping layers for individual properties or localities), and the DA Tracker which monitors the progress and provides the plans/documentation of all development applications received since 1 July 2009.

Customer Service

Council's Contact Us offices at Murwillumbah and Tweeds Heads are the starting point for most basic enquiries. You have the option of either visiting the offices, or making contact through phone, email and facsimile enquiries.

Please note: The Tweed Heads office provides all standard Council services with the exception of lodgement of major development, construction certificates and complying development certificates which are required to be lodged at the Murwillumbah office. Customer Service staff at this office can still attend to the straight forward planning and building enquiries.

Trial of New Improved Planning, Building and Environmental Health Advisory Services for the Murwillumbah Administration Office

IMPORTANT: Professional staff will only be available 8:30am-noon daily for more detailed, unscheduled enquiries. A basic advisory service will be maintained through Council’s Technical Officers for all other enquiries throughout the day. Enquiries relating to existing applications will be managed in the same way, and will be dependent on the availability of the assessing officer.


Over the last five years, Tweed Council has been active in implementing a greater customer focus to its advisory services new development enquiries through:

  • The introduction of the Contact Centre
  • Development Assessment Panel service
  • An internal Corporate Knowledge Base
  • Electronic lodgement of applications
  • New Technical Officer positions in the DA and Building Units

This has enabled a better filtering and response to many basic level enquiries, thereby reducing the need for deferral to the professional officers.

Our professional officers (town planners, building surveyors, and environmental health officers) have also had a proud tradition over many years in providing high quality, technical advice to our residents, local businesses and development proponents.

However, the more recent upswing in development and construction activity has been placing great pressure on our professional staff to achieve a balance in both their public advisory role and core technical duties, such as the assessment, field inspections and processing of applications and other fee paying services.

Council is keen to maintain the high standard of these advisory services and is also mindful that our professional staff need sufficient time to complete their core duties.

What Does the Trial Involve and When Does It Start?

Consistent with the contemporary work practices of the many other government and private sector businesses, Council will commence a new six month trial advisory service, commencing on Monday, 11th July, 2016 which will provide the following split of professional officer functions and availability:

AM (8.30 to Midday) – CUSTOMER FOCUS, where a town planner, building surveyor and environmental health officer will be available in the office for any unscheduled face-to-face meetings, or phone calls.

PM (Midday to 4.30) – BUSINESS FOCUS, professional officers will give priority to their core duties of site inspections, DA determinations and reports, and a basic advisory service will be maintained by the Contact Centre, DA and Building Unit Technical and Administration staff. Any more complex enquiries from the public would necessitate the taking of a message, with a service agreement to call back the following day.

In advancing this new service, Council is still mindful of the need to allow for flexibility for the professional officers to maintain PM external contact or hold meetings with existing applicants and people making enquiries about these applications. Enquiries relating to existing applications will be managed in the same way, and will be dependent on the availability of the assessing officer.

Council will monitor the effectiveness of the trial, and will determine the need for any modifications to the service, dependent on the feedback received, and how well it suits our operational needs.

More Specialised Advice

Given the complexities of the NSW Planning system, and related legislation, it is often necessary to gain more specialised advice from Council's technical and professional officers. Council's Murwillumbah office provides a range of specialised advisory services for the following (please click on headings to expand/collapse content):

Basic Pre-lodgement Enquiries
Further Specialist Pre-lodgement Advice and Services Provided by Council's Building and Environmental Health Unit
Pre-lodgement enquiries for larger more complex developments - Development Assessment Panel (DAP)
Lodging Applications
Enquiries Relating to Applications Already Lodged With Council


The planning process can become quite involved. You may benefit from seeking the services of a Private Consultant contained on the following list.

The Consultants List is only a guide and is not to be considered mandatory or exhaustive.

If you or your company would like to be included in the Consultants List, please Add a new Consultant
If you require amendments to an item, please click on the "Edit" button for the corresponding item in the list below.

If you wish to be included on this consultants list you must fit into one of the categories listed below.

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Next Steps

Once you have gained sufficient preliminary advice, more detailed information on lodging applications can be found through the following sections of our web site:

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