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Knowing how to respond in an emergency is important for individuals, families and businesses to mitigate risk and ensure a speedy recovery.

Council works with emergency services and other support agencies to limit the impact that emergency events have upon our community, infrastructure and environment, but there are things you can do too:

During the emergency event:

After the emergency event:

  • Stay away from damaged power lines, fallen trees and flood waters
  • Check with electricity, gas and water authorities (57kB PDF) to determine whether supplies to your area have been interrupted and are safe to be turned back on
  • Keep good records of repair and cleaning costs. You may need these for an insurance claim
  • Contact your insurance company before removing or discarding flood effected items, and take photographs of flood affected items and /or buildings to assist with claims
  • Find out how to access disaster assistance (46kB PDF)
Last Updated: 05 September 2018