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Important notice
As of 1 January 2021 the following development and modification applications are to be lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal: development applications, construction certificates for building works (no provision has been made for subdivision works certificates), complying development certificates and private certifier certificates.

Before accessing the NSW Planning Portal you have to set up an account with Service NSW using your email address.

Please do not lodge any applications via the NSW Planning Portal until advised by Tweed Shire Council.

There are six easy steps to preparing a good DA:

  1. Talk to Council staff about controls, policies and standards to be addressed
  2. Consider all the design issues
  3. Prepare all of the documentation for your application including plans and drawings
  4. Prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects and other supporting documents
  5. Complete the development application form and checklist
  6. Submit your application

More detailed information on each of these steps can be found in Council’s Development Application Preparation Guide (2.34mB PDF).

Upon lodgement of your application you will be able to track the progress of your application by way of Council's Property Enquiry and DA Tracker Service.

New Electronic Lodgement System - No Hard Copies Required for Most Applications

From 3 August 2015 Council will no longer require hard copy documents to be included with most development and construction related applications.

A new electronic lodgement system will apply for the following application types:

  • Development Applications
  • Section 4.55 Applications
  • Combined Development Applications/Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Construction Certificates
  • Subdivision Construction Certificates
  • Works as Executed Plans (WAX)
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Section 138 Roads Act Driveway and Public Road Applications
  • Section 68 Sewer and Water Applications
  • Part V Applications

N.B. Applications for Strata Subdivision and Subdivision Certificates will be excluded from these requirements until NSW Land and Property Information provide a system for accepting approvals from councils in an electronic format. Applicants for these applications will still need to lodge hard copy documents.

The new electronic lodgement system is part of Council's program to reduce costs for applicants and improve the efficiency of its development assessment processes.

The reduction of printing of hard copies is also a great win for the environment, with less trees to be cut down, resulting in less CO2 emissions.

How to Prepare Electronic Documents

It is vital for the efficiency of Council's new electronic lodgement system that all electronic documents are prepared in a consistent format.

Please ensure that you read and complete the Electronic Lodgement Checklist (114kB PDF) as part of the lodgement of your application. Incomplete or incorrectly formatted documents will not be accepted by Council officers.

How to Lodge Electronically

You will now be able provide applications to Council via the following more convenient and affordable options:

Online Via Council’s Web Site
By Email to the existing eDA Email address
By Post
Lodge and pay fees in person at Council's Administrative Office Murwillumbah
Applicants who cannot lodge their documents electronically

New Electronic Application Approvals and Determinations

From 3 August 2015, Council will also cease issuing hard copies of approvals and determination documentation and introduce a new system of electronically stamped and authorised documents.

Once an application is determined, an email will be sent to the applicant, providing a link that will allow the applicant to download the digitally signed determination documents.

Further Checklists to Guide Application Lodgements

Council has also prepared a series of DA Checklists for the main development types. Council expects both applicants and its counter staff to thoroughly review the submission requirements for each type of development and ensure that the relevant checklist has been completed.

Please click on the headings below to view the desired information...

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