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If your development is of a minor nature, you may not require approval to carry out the work. Council and the NSW State Government have adopted laws and policies that specify minimum criteria you must satisfy in order to work out whether or not you require an approval from Council.

Most developments, subdivisions, building works and major changes in use of a property will firstly require a Development Application (DA), and a further Construction Certificate (CC) approval.

If you don't need a DA, you may be able to obtain a simple approval through either Council or a Private Certifier as a Exempt and Complying Development. For even new straight forward developments, you might qualify as exempt development and avoid the need for any approval from Council.

Please click on the headings below to view further information on the various approval processes that may apply to your development.

Alternatively, if you require additional assistance please proceed to the Get Advice section of this website.

Please click on the headings below to view the desired information...

Development Types and What Type of Approval is Required
What are the Types of Development that Require a DA to be Lodged?
Other Accompanying Development Assessment Processes

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