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Most people who are thinking about developing their property, whether they be larger developers or people wanting to do additions to their house, will generally ask Council the same type of questions:
  • What uses are allowed on my property?
  • Do I need to get an approval from Council?
  • If an approval is needed, what information is needed to submit an application and what costs are involved?
  • What is the process for Council to assess an application?
  • Do I need any other approvals?
  • When can I start building?
  • Who signs off on my completed building?
The Development section of this web site provides you with the answers to the front end or town planning part of a development process, whilst the Building section provides the answers for the construction end of the process.

Please download the Development Application and Building Certification Process (469kB PDF) document to gain a summary of the entire process.

If you are considering any form of development, you follow the sequence of the town planning or development application (DA) events through the following six stages:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a development consent search?
A Development Consent search is generally applied for when purchasing land. The consent search investigates and provides copies of all approvals issued on the current (and past) lot for a particular land parcel. If a customer is enquiring whether there is any approvals on the current lot.  Please contact Council's Development Clerical Administration staff on (02) 6670 2400, for information.
How can I apply for a development consent search?
An application must be submitted to Council with the applicable fees paid at the time of lodgement. The applicable form is the Conveyancing Form , which can be located on Councils website (external link) ; the fees are available on the conveyancing form (subject to change with each financial year).
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