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Glass of Water Water is a precious resource. We drink it, cook with it, clean with it and bathe in it. We grow food, thanks to it, and rely on it to manufacture life’s necessities and luxuries. Put simply, without water, we wouldn’t exist.

Australia is the driest continent on earth - but per capita we are one of the world’s largest consumers of water.

There are many good reasons to save water. It’s not only good for the environment, but also helps you save money.

Council's Demand Management Strategy aims to manage the overall need for water in the Tweed and ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible. This strategy was adopted in 2009 and is based on extensive community consultation, as well as demand projections. It has five key areas of focus (shown below), from which community programs are developed and implemented.Components of Demand Management

Further details on the key areas are outlined in the table below.

Water efficiency to reduce overall residential and non-residential water use
  • Assist Tweed's highest commercial water users to use water more efficiently, through the Top 20 and Top 100 programs. See Water Saving for Business

  • Audit Council facilities and services to identify water-saving opportunities.

  • Develop a Water Efficient Garden program to promote sustainable water use in household and public gardens.

Behavioural Change
  • Raise awareness of and promote Target 160L.
  • Re-design water bills so residents and businesses are better informed about their water use and more able to improve their water use practices.
  • Encourage residents to monitor their own water use and check for leaks regularly through the Meet Your Meter campaign and competition. See Water Meters.
  • Encourage use of water-efficient products and services through the promotion of Smart Water Advice. (external link) Visit the Blue House to see how a water efficient house works.
  • Advertise The Shower Song (external link) , a four-minute 4-minute tune written by Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe, and recorded by a collective of WA artists. These artists have come together to communicate how important – and easy – it is to keep your showers waterwise. Just pop the song on at the start of your shower, sing along, and make sure you’re out before it’s finished

Reducing the amount of unaccounted for water

  • Identify and address avoidable leakage in the water supply system.
  • Better management of contractors who extract water from Council's mains through adoption of a new policy on the use of standpipes
  • Identify and address water theft.

Alternative water sources to reduce demand on the water supply system
  • Adopt the Policy (0 Byte PDF)

  • Increase the amount of water recycled throughout the Tweed. This process is ongoing and Council already has a number of recycled water projects in operation.

Drought Management
  • Review Council's Drought Management Strategy, which includes revised water restrictions.

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